Russian public wants visit by Pope Francis, poll finds

A striking 71% of Russia’s people hope for a visit by Pope Francis to their country, according to a new poll by the Lavada Center in Moscow. Only 9% of those surveyed voiced opposition to a papal visit.Catholic Culture

I don’t imagine that Pope Francis will visit Russia, regardless of popular opinion, if the Patriarch of Moscow is opposed to his visit. As far as I know, the Russian Orthodox Church has not yet invited the Pope of Rome to Russia. It was for this reason that neither Bl John Paul nor Pope Benedict visited Russia.

Beautiful. Let’s pray to see an end to the great schism!

God Bless Russia!

Any idea on the demographics of those they surveyed? It would seem they hit a specific group of people if the percentage was that high. I’m just curious if they were polling right outside a Catholic Church, of something like that.

I was listening to IHRadio yesterday and the Eastern Rite Abbot basically confirmed what you said. We are not to intentionally convert the Orthodox churches, given the understanding of full legitimacy and stuff. That’s not the same as an individual conversion, I mean like a Bishop going to Russia on a mission or your local parish organizing a crusade to Greece or something.

So, the Pope’s visitation may be predicted to cause a stir of conversions that the Patriarch isn’t willing to deal with. Therefore, He may not choose to invite the Pope. Based on this logic, I would assume any Schism-related discussions would happen in Catholic territory.

And yet the always bitter Russian Orthodox Hierarchy certainly don’t want the Pope to step foot in Russia.

The Russian Orthodox leadership is, by far, the most curmudgeonly of the Orthodox branches.

Well, to be fair, the Russian Patriarch’s coming to Italy won’t cause thousands to suddenly convert to Orthodoxy like he fears the Pope coming to Russia would cause the opposite. I can sort of understand his misgivings. Also, low key…when I said Catholic Territory…I kinda meant the rest of the world :o.

That’s because he realises that the correct Russian Patriarchate is in Kyiv and there is no way a Russian is going to be led by Ukrainians.

Then again the Russian Patriarch isn’t the true Vicar of Christ.

I think you’ve hit it on the head. Not to mention the accusations of collaboration during the Soviet era and the all too human desire to keep the competition out of your territory. We haven’t had the opportunity to see Pope Francis on a major foreign trip, but I suspect he is going to be a major draw wherever he chooses to visit. A Russian visit would be fascinating to me for a variety of reasons.

Not like the Orthodox ever cared about that, mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope he considers going.

Perhaps the people want Papa to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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