Russian spy: Salisbury diners told to wash possessions

The extremist in my would sort of love to see what would happen if the PM would make a complete break of relations with Moscow and send all Russian nationals packing on the next available Aeroflot flight.

Pro’ly wouldn’t work. But I can dream.


I am quite skeptical that washing will rid people of this nerve gas.

It’s quite flaky

This story should be alarming to many!

It depends on what it is, which they haven’t revealed.

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I believe it is Novichok, the same Russian made nerve agent used by Kim Jong Un to have his half brother killed in a crowded Asian airport. It involves two agents harmless on their own but deadly when they are mixed together. The girls who killed Kim’s half brother each had one of the agents in their hand and each wiped the face of the man killing him but were unharmed themselves. It’s the stuff of real anti social savagery by these countries.


That would require sending several hundred thousand people packing. Also many of those people (such as my wife) also hold British citizenship which would make that instantly unworkable. The richer end of that group also invests billion in the UK so for pragmatic reasons it would never happen.

No more anti-social than extra-judicial killing methods used by many states. That is why I find the attempt to cast Russia as akin to the land of Mordor droll.

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