Russian spy ship spotted 30 miles south of Connecticut


Nice looking ship.

Maybe Trump should buy a few of these.

Lots more comfortable than a trawler or a used up WW2 cargo ship.


The ship is in international waters and this is a relatively ordinary occurrence. This activity appears routine as the US ships in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. Freedom of the seas.


These actions, noted in the article are not reoutine:



The article is somewhat conflating issues.

The thread title and article subject,

Russian spy ship spotted 30 miles south of Connecticut

This is not out of the ordinary.

I would agree there is a difference in how the US reacts to the free navigation of the sea. The US isn’t doing dangerous low level flybys of the Russian ship with our aircraft. The US is not electronically disrupting the equipment on the Russian vessel (no evidence or complaints of such activity). Its a freedom we respect.


Because they are all happening now.


Russia has been buzzing our ships for a long time. Besides, anything beyond 12 miles is international waters anyway.


At one point the Russians actually had a nuclear powered spy ship. Giant ocean liner type of vessel.


Documentation, please?




2006 (us base\airspace, not ship):

It goes back to the cold war in one form or another.


I wonder if this was common, or happened only occasionally in response to some particular event or situation.


Is anyone actually falling for the fake Russia hysteria the media is desperately shoving in our faces like it’s 1947?


Maybe it is one of his…:wink:


I’m not! Its hilarious to watch as the libs and dems do!


The Russians do have a history of proficiency at spycraft and statecraft.

As you know, the Russian submarines are not infrequently found off the US coast. Those tend to get the MSM printing as if it’s a pending crisis. Along with the US subs, they are routine visitors around the globe. :shrug:


Serious people are taking this seriously. you might follow this:


No disrespect, but he’s a politician. I frankly don’t care what politicians have to say.


He’s a professor of political science at Stanford and a former ambassador to Russia. Seems eminently more qualified than most of us here.


On 1968, a Russian airplane did a buzz job on a U.S. ship and then lost control and crashed.


Photo of a Russian spy ship … that “by coincidence” happens to have two torpedo tubes … to allow them to blow our aircraft carriers to smithereens. Using a couple of nuclear torpedoes.

Maybe someone could print the photo of the trawler. [But it’s only a trawler … a fishing boat. Of course there were no seagulls following the trawlers because they didn’t smell like fishing boars. Because they didn’t catch fish.]



Oddly I’m not worried about nukes. At this point they are deterrents and are impractical offensive weapons. Such is the effects of M.A.D.

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