Russia's new disability rules prompt outrage as 500,000 lose benefits


Russia’s new disability rules prompt outrage as 500,000 lose benefits

Daniil is five years old but he’s spent more time in a hospital than most adults. Last year he was treated four times at the intensive care unit of his local hospital in Magnitogorsk, an industrial city in Russia’s Urals region.

Despite relying on a daily cocktail of medicines to survive due to a life-threatening genetic disease, Daniil was struck off Russia’s disability register in October, leaving his family to pay for his treatment themselves.

“It was a shock for us,” says his mother, Marina Nizhegorodova. “Now, we have to pay for the tests and the drugs from our own pocket. They took everything away from us.”

Daniil is one of hundreds of thousands of patients who were denied disability benefits last year under new measures that health advocates say are hurting many of Russia’s most vulnerable citizens.


So it is not only Tory Britain that has launched a war on the disabled.

It is nothing but Social Darwinism: economic goals, a stack of numbers, technocracy means more than human lives. Only the economically fit are worth anything. The disabled poor are a burden and a drain on the nation, so they are easy prey for austerity measures. Haven’t we seen this before?


Yes, I heard about this; I hope it can be remedied some way.


Sadly, we see this in the US too. Budget crunch? Don’t cut military spending, or other big-ticket items – cut programs for the poor and disabled. It’s a shame when this happens (in any country).

The unfortunate thing in Russia is that many of the disabled children may end up in orphanages. It’s already sadly too common throughout Eastern Europe that parents are encouraged/pressured by medical professionals to place disabled children in orphanages. Now, with even less state support for families raising disabled children, I imagine many poor families will be pressured even more. :frowning:


The same story with Daniil:


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