Russia's "Obama" ice cream deepens chilly relations


MOSCOW – A Russian company is trying to cash in on chilly relations between Moscow and Washington by releasing an ice cream called “Little Obama”, irritating U.S. officials.

The product, called “Obamka” in Russian, is glazed with chocolate and its wrapping features an image of a smiling young African boy, wearing an ear ring and holding an ice cream.


The character is from an old Soviet cartoon originally but of course the company does have their tongue poked poked firmly in their cheek. I particularly like this bit:-


ce cream names need to be memorable. For those with a rich imagination, various associations might arise, but this product is for children and is a long way from politics.”

I suspect some American might view the latter half of the second sentence in the quote above as applying to more than just ice-cream. It strikes me as a marketing trick as my wife says the company that makes this ice-cream is quite a small concern nationally in Russia.


One looking to open a small success of a business in America might consider a Putin Ice Cream with white chocolate riding a horse or something for example, as we could keep the comical jab of a relationship going strong and learn to laugh at each other. And while promoting small business capitalism. :thumbsup:

I would have to think about a slogan but I;m sure we could have fun with it. We are on the way to finding common ground in the globalization and reset of the US-Russia relationship imho. I know thats probably hard to see but I do!

Clean fun I suppose.


“Putin on the weight”


I can picture it now.

White chocolate ice cream topped with strawberries macerated in vodka. An adult sundae. A Putin sundae.


:smiley: Well one thing is certain you would have to keep it “clean” or the PC police would sue your rear end off and truly you would understand the theory of small business and capitalism in America today.

How does Putin avoid that? :confused:


Chilly cold war multiple flavored Putin pops. :smiley:


Here in America, we are not much into product-names that burn on foreign leaders. One would have to know more about the Russian mind to know whether offense was intended or not.

Sadly, international relations strongly resemble the bully-ridden childhood schoolyard. The best course of action for Americans would be just to ignore this product.



America and Russia slagging each other off in popular media or products has been going on for years and both sides have doing it for a donkeys age. America can no more plead innocence in that regard than can Russia.


We’ve never had commercial products burning on them though. And mass-level rancor toward the Russians from our side went out with the CCCP.


Yes you have ,US comic books for example spent years using Russians as stock bad guys and they still often fill that role in US media. I gave up on one US TV show not long ago (DCs Heroes of Tomorrow) because it insisted on regaling us with all the standard cliches about Soviets/Russians. That is just as much a commercial product as an ice-cream. The likelihood here is the company will never make this ice-cream and is just indulging in a marketing stunt to get some business.


Double scoop please!


Pretty funny, actually! :smiley:


Za rodina tovarisch!


Ok, point taken. I’m not in the comic book culture.

Do you really think though, that our rancor toward Russia, where applicable, is anywhere as bad as during the CCCP?



Not as bad but still noticeable and there is still a tendency to engage in easy stereotypes. To an extent that is understandable as we all do it about other nations, me included. However I’d say there is still a strong feeling in this forum at least of the ‘reds under the beds’ outlook. However I am aware this forum may not accurately reflect the US as a whole. However Russia often is portrayed in hilarious ways in US media. The US is course equally portrayed elsewhere in ways that would no doubt amuse US citizens.


Now what happens if the Donald is elected president? Will they find a good name for ice cream then? Maybe it would be “Trump’s Tower” They could form the ice cream in the shape of a sky scraper.


That is not true. In the USA there are Putin tee shirts, Putin posters, Putin underwear and Putin coffee cups making fun or ridiculing President Vladimir Putin.


I see no problem at all with Obamka ice cream. I think it is a fabulous idea…

… but I have to wonder if there is a delicious Russian pun or wordplay lurking just below the surface. Russians love that sort of thing. It would be like American children’s movies which are chock full of grown-up bodily-function humor and cultural references which go right over children’s heads.


The character on the ice-cream is from an old Soviet cartoon where he lives on ‘miracle island’ where everyone is always happy…draw your own conclusions from that I’d say.

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