Rwandan Genocide Rape Victims Grateful for Children Conceived in Rape

Rence take note.

Rwandan Genocide Rape Victims Grateful for Children Conceived in Rape

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

KIGALI, Rwanda, June 30, 2010 ( - The tribal genocide of 1994 in Rwanda resulted in more than 800,000 Rwandans being killed and countless women suffering rape at the hands of the Hutu militia who were ordered to kill off the country’s minority Tutsi tribe.

Now sixteen years later, the children of the raped women are facing the reality of how they were conceived, and they and their mothers are looking for acceptance in a society that is still looking for healing from the horrors of the past.

One Tutsi woman who barely escaped with her life after having been raped on three different occasions by several assailants, told the BBC in a special report that she is deeply thankful for her daughter, despite the circumstances of her conception, and said that there wasn’t ever a time when she didn’t love her.

Anastasie Kayirangwa said, “I was raped on three occasions in different locations and by many different people. With the exception of one person, I didn’t know who any of them were.”

Anastasie told her daughter Diane, now 16, about the circumstances of her conception when she was 12

These wonderful women,victims of unspeakable horror and cruelty refused to victimise an innocent child.Their place in heaven are assured.

Evil is not passed on genetically, but is a human choice.

That is why children are *always *considered a blessing by the good and the wise.

It is good to know that ther are people in the world like Anastasie Kayirangwa.


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