Rwanda's "miracle of forgiveness" makes me ashamed to complain

Hardly seems to fit "secular" news, but here goes...

I've read before of the amazing forgiveness that Rwandans have learned to extend to each other after the genocide, but this article touched me because of the way their behavior is a witness to the secular among us. These people are forgiving, being renewed and moving on - not to mention living the Gospel, while many of us who have never lived such trauma spend our lives sweating the silly stuff...

You have read Immaculee Ilibagiza’s story re: Rwanda & her forgiveness; Left To Tell

[quote="MJE, post:2, topic:187220"]
You have read Immaculee Ilibagiza's story re: Rwanda & her forgiveness; Left To Tell


This book was required reading for my boys' junior high religion class. Excellent book.

Two of my boys actually met her. She came to give a talk about her experience near the school.

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