S-C-R-E-W-T-A-P-E Letters movie in 2009!

There is a wonderful article in the current Christianity Today about the billionaire who owns the film company that produced Lion, Witch and Wardrobe and Bridge to Terabithia.

He is a Christian who is committed to producing family-friendly movies without R ratings. Because he is incredibly wealthy and powerful, Hollywood listens to him.

His next film project is S-c-r-e-w-t-a-p-e Letters!

Sounds good to me!

That is such a great book! How exciting. :slight_smile:

Hmm…loved the book. It will be interesting to see how they make it into a movie. Especially with all the movie posters I can imagine coming out…:eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

It is currently a very popular play. I am not surprised it will soon be a movie . . .

It’s an interesting idea. I for one hope they don’t screw it up;)

What is this mysterious gentleman’s name, pray tell? :slight_smile:

Me too! :thumbsup:

On a related note, *Prince Caspian *(Narnia) is coming out on May 16:



I would love to read this article, do you have a link to it?


Some of us have already been counting down for a few months…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yup :smiley:

Oh yeah - I cashed in my National City Points for an AMC movie card so we can have a movie night date!!! :smiley:


Wow… such a great news…

I’m curious how screwtape looks like… :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t know if there are links to the articles in the print version of Christianity Today.

The gentleman’s name is Philip Anschutz, and they call him “the biggest Hollywood mover and shaker you’ve never hear of.”

The issue is the May 2008 issue. Perhaps you can find it at the local library or Barnes and Noble.

I personally hope he will look like my favorite actor, Robert Patrick!

Mr. Patrick played the father in Bridge to Terabithia, one of Mr. Anschutz’s movies. The author of the book Bridge to Terabithia said that Mr. Patrick “nailed the role and did it just the way she imagined it.”

Mr. Patrick is well-known in Hollywood as one of the hardest-working actors and nicest guys in town. He has recently discussed his conversion to the Anglican faith, and he participates in a Bible study with his local Harley Davidson dealer. Although he does a lot of horror and sci-fi movies, he also does a lot of family-friendly movies (e.g., Ladder 49).

AND–he does a super scary villain! Remember T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day? Mr. Patrick can look soooo charming but be sooooo evil–just like Screwtape! In fact, one of his online bios mentions that he often plays villains because of his pale blue eyes and intense presence.

I think his raspy voice is JUST what Screwtape would sound like!

Here’s a link to a YouTube video interview:


(Warning–I think it contains a “naughty” word.)

Since I once had the audio book, I hear John Cleese whenever I re-read Screwtape

I have a difficult time trying to visualize just how this story can be adapted to the screen. The book is all dialogue between the uncle and the nephew.

I have the book and reread a few chapters last night attempting to visualize how it could be translated to a movie.

I envision two primary scenes alternating back and forth. One being the dialogue between the uncle and nephew, and the other being a bird’s eye view of the subject. I see it as going back and forth, back and forth.

I think this movie has the potential to spark a great deal of dialogue between those who see things Lewis’s way and those who do not.

Can’t wait!

If I were writing the screenplay, I think I would make the “tempted human” and his/her life the main plot, with Screwtape and Wormwood in another dimension right beside them, like Passion of the Christ when Satan kept walking around wherever Jesus was, but no one could see Satan (except Jesus). The plot of the movie would involve something in the life of the humans, maybe nothing real exciting (no jumping out of burning buildings and fighting off mutants), but enough so that we are actually interested in how everything turns out for the human. And of course, Wormwood and Screwtape are extremely interested, too!

This is kind of the same approach as the famous play, “Strange Interlude.”

Another approach that would be quirky is to have Screwtape and Wormwood look like normal human beings here on this earth, like a real uncle and nephew, perhaps living next door to the humans and seeing them everyday and even waving hello, but the humans little suspects that they are really DEMONS out to destroy their souls! Gradually throughout the screenplay it becomes clear that these two are NOT very nice at all. (This is the same idea as Bruce Almighty, where God is an elderly black man.)

I truly think the movie would do well to add some humor–it would make the two demons look even more evil. For example, it would be fun to see Screwtape cheering for the Duke Blue Devils at a basketball game and occasionally sending his demons out with a flick of his finger to tempt the other team members and coaches and possibly the referees to do bad things. And of course he would smile approvingly at all the “nastiness” in the audience from fans.

It would be cute to see Wormwood making sandwiches for him and Uncle Screwtape out of Underwood Deviled Ham. (I know, OLD joke!!) (Not sure if the Underwood Deviled Ham people would want a piece of this or not!)

I would love to hear what some of the rest of you think.

And someone mentioned a play. How is that set up? Is it more like a Readers’ Theatre?

This would be a fascinating English assignment for high school or college creative writing students! Even if they didn’t write the whole screenplay, it would be interesting to read how different people would set it up.

Cat, you should become a screenwriter or a director :slight_smile: I just love your ideas, great stuff! :thumbsup:

Yeah, Cat, you should be a screenwriter!

Morwenna, you and BradW have no idea how encouraging this is to me. I’ve written two screenplays and have them entered in some competitions. I’d like to write more, but I need some kind of indication from someone other than family that I can write!

I appreciate your kind words!

I Am Currently Reading This Book And I Must Say, I Am Taken By It. I Highly Recommend This Book For Anyone.

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