S it ok if I as a student filmmaker ask a non-catholic actress to pray the rosary on camera?

I’m asking because I’m doing a student Pro-Life film with a Catholic character in it and I want to show her praying the rosary, yet finding a Catholic Actress is very limiting to my casting process and if I must get a christian actress of another denomination or a secular actress, I will.

What I’m basically also asking is if it is fine if non-catholics(or converting pre-RCIA Catholics like myself) can pray the rosary? or are allowed to act praying the rosary? I would assume so(Alan Cumming did so in X-men 2 and as far as I know he’s not catholic)? or not?

I thought about putting this thread in the Spirituality forum for obvious reasons.

You do not need to be Catholic to pray the rosary, and in fact, the rosary is becoming increasingly popular amongst non-Catholic Chirstians.

thank you.

P.S I am personally Catholic, I’m in the process of conversion.

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