SA bishop warns gay marriage may lead to polygamy [CNAU]

Aug 14, '12 6:00 am
A senior member of the Catholic Church in South Australia has warned the State’s Premier that his backing of gay marriage will open the door to polygamy and “weaken the family as the basis of society,” reports the Herald Sun.


Certainly it will weaken the family as the building block of society, and render the institution of marriage increasingly meaningless. Weakening the basic building blocks undermines the structure.

If gay marriage is made legal why not polygamy?

I have always been against gay marriage but I feel that “marriage” should only be a religious entity and “civil unions” should be the term for government.

Well, I think it may already be too late. Groups like the ACLU ( are already in favour of it; the arguments for it aren’t much different than for SSM.


I remember reading a prediction on this awhile ago by RR. Pope’s blog on the Archdiocese of Washington (DC).

This juggernaut will not stop. The polygamists are next (just google polygamy and see that the steam is building). After them come the incest crowd and other odd combinations. And there will be little legal basis to resist them. And in a secular culture that has lost any basis to morally reason, or determine right from wrong, who among the secularists will be able to say “nay?” Yes, in the end, if anything is marriage, nothing is marriage. Marriage, as a culturally recognizable institution seems doomed, it is being legally defined out of existence.

(Bold words are his.)

The good bishop is absolutely correct.

That’s plain silly.

The Roman Catholic Church disagrees with you. :wink:

How could it not? When one deviation is accepted, who has the right to judge the desires of other alternative lifestylers?

I think that my opinion is close to yours, but I think government should be removed entirely from marriage.

We should have the right of voluntary association - that is, we should be able to form whatever relationships we want and write our own contracts to go with them if we so choose. However, since the 1800s (at least in the U.S.), the government usurped our freedom and defined marriage, a state license. (

I agree with St. Thomas Aquinas, “who famously spoke against civil governments attempting to outlaw human vice”. (

Shouldn’t all human action be permissible as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of others?


There is a better legal and social argument for polygamy than for same-sex marriage. The SSM crowd just has more money. That’s the only reason it is being pushed first. :frowning:

I think that everyone has the right to use their time and property however they want, as long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others. Marriage, in my view, shouldn’t be a government license, but it can be religious (as for us Catholics! :thumbsup: ) and it can also be contractual (as in by private contract, not the government monopoly license we have today).

Perhaps the bishop is correct in that gay marriage licenses will result in future polygamy licenses, but gay relationships and polygamy already exist, so perhaps the change won’t be as drastic as some might expect.

Regardless of whether the governments of the world decide to create licenses called “marriage” for gay couples or polygamist families, or whether my dream comes true and government leaves all voluntary associations up to us :D, I think the most important thing we as Catholics must do is to be witnesses of Christ’s love, set a good example :getholy:, and always be ready to give a reason for our faith! :extrahappy:

The next thing I’ve heard Is polyamorous relationships/“marriages”

Good grief!!!

God bless

Of course it will then after that it will be incest then they will probably remove the law that requires parental consent for under 18’s to marry.

Slippery slope.

That should make NAMBLA very happy.

Well in Scotland minors aged 16/17 can marry without parental consent.

Age of consent laws may be pushed even before polygamy laws. Nambla types will ask, “If birth control pills and condoms can be given to 12 year olds, then they are old enough to consent to sex, and to marriage.”

I won’t be surprised. If same sex couples getting together can be called marriage, despite the fact that marital relations are not possible, then other types of consensual sex will be called marriage.

I actually was debating someone who is in favor of homosexual marriage saying that two consenting adults should be able to do what they want to. Then I responded by asking “what about three consenting adults?” His response was that polygamy would be okay in today’s world because he believes the only reason it was outlawed in the past was due to underage children being forced into polygamus relationships. He believes those situations can be dealt with now and that three consenting adults should be able to marry if they want to.

Once you accept the premise that marriage is acceptable for situations that are for more than one man and one woman, there could be no end in sight for what can be considered a valid marriage. I predict legal polygamy will happen if homosexual marriage is allowed to be acceptable.

What this nation needs to decide is whether they are okay with multiple people marrying each other. Three perons joined in matrimony…four persons joind in matrimony…etc. It’ll happen if we don’t stop this non-sense.

Civil contracts that are handled just like any other contract.

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