Sabbath Work

Hello, I have just recently interviewed for a job which requires me to work Sundays. I made my religious standing clear, but to them it was pretty much a non-negotiable point. I received a call telling me that I got the job, but this aspect of it worries me. I know that I won’t miss Mass as a result of having to work, yet I am unsure if it is still a sin. Apart from not taking the job, the only other thing I can think of doing is subtracting all of the money I make on Sundays out of my check and donating it.

What should I do? It seems like I shall have to turn them down.

If it’s the only job you can find and you are unemployed, you should take it if you need it to take care of yourself or others in your care. That is doing good. Christ tells us it is ok to do good on the Sabbath. I should add that for me, if I was in this situation, I would try to find another job with work days during the rest of the week instead of on Sundays. But that is just me. I think we’re asked to not question what others do on their day of rest. :thumbsup:

Having an Attitude of worshipfulness even if you Do have to work on Sunday would maybe be noticed by others. Instead of having an attitude of being annoyed, Possibly you could hum a song as you work, just so it wouldn’t prove to be distracting to those around you. And, yes, these days – having an income to pay the rent / groceries IS important.

I agree with the above.=. However, I would make an appointment with a priest at your parish and discuss the availability of a Saturday Vigil Mass. Failing that, you should call all of the Catholic and Eastern Rite Rectories in your area to find a Mass on Saturday evening. Any Mass at 5 PM or later on Saturday will satisfy your Sunday obligation.

If we should not accept jobs involving work on Sundays, there would be very very few Catholic nurses, nurse aides, police officers and firefighters! All honest work is “doing good,” as we usually do it to take care of our needs and our families.

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