sabeans Mandaeans

These are present day followers of John the Baptist-the Apostle Andrew was one and then he & Peter went to follow the Lord Jesus Christ-they exist in present day Iran

does anyone know any more about them-after John was killed would not it have been logical for them to follow the Christ?:rolleyes:

John was not killed. :frowning:

I was alluding to John the Baptist who’s head was cut off-not John the Apostle

If they believed he was a false messiah, as they do today, it’d be quite illogical.

All I can find online is the single, German translation of the “Book of John the Baptist.” I’d be curious to give it a read if my German were better. Instead, I’ll have to wait for someone to translate it into English.

John was SO killed!
Queen Herodias encouraged Salome to force King Herod II to behead John the Baptist.

The Mandaeans are the last true Gnostics in the world, every other Gnostic group are just
hippie reconstructionists who want something different in Christianity, in my mind anyway.

The Mandaeans could have at first been followers of John the Baptist, but whether or not that is true,
they did end up getting into a bunch of Gnostic junk, so warned to Timothy by Paul (1 Timothy 6:20).
I don’t believe the Mandaeans acknowledge Jesus as the true Messiah but a false Messiah and form-
er disciple of John the Baptist.

Their numbers are dwindling do to persecution but also because, so I read
somewhere, that on cannot become a Mandaean, as it is an ethnocentric
group. In other words, you have to be born into it.

I also think they don’t look at the Holy Spirit (Ruha d-Qudsha) as a good being, nor do are they fond
of the god of the Jews called Adonai. Best read A Rehabilitation of Spirit Ruha in Mandaean Religion.

Yeah, they an odd ball group.

I know that. In my haste, I was thinking St. John the Evangelist.

“True Gnostic” is a subjective term. I would say they’re the last unbroken line of Gnostics in the world, though there may be some remnants of Bogomil’s sect in Eastern Europe.

Modern Gnosticism is partly reconstructionist, partly neo-Gnostic, considering that most Gnostic texts were lost or destroyed and any sect with heterodox teachings were persecuted.

What exactly is a “hippie reconstructionist?” People who blend New Age ideas with classical Gnostic ideas? Some do. Some don’t.

I suppose I’m at fault for over-generalizing.

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