Sacrament issues

Okay, so I’ve committed a mortal sin that I’d rather not get into details about. It was totally a mortal sin, there’s no way to get around that. But I don’t know when I’ll get to confession next (my parents are very sporadic about that and I can’t drive or walk to any church) and we might go to mass this week. My parents haven’t taken me to Mass in at least 6 weeks, it might be longer. I’m not blaming them, but I can’t drive and I don’t live near enough to my church to walk there. I haven’t received the Eucharist in a really long time and I don’t think I could wait any longer. Is there anything I can do? I’ve heard that you can say an act of contrition with the intention to go to confession as soon as possible but if a sin was an extremely deliberate mortal sin is that still ok?

Until you take Confession, you must not receive the Eucharist. There is no way around that.

The previous poster is right. However, what you could still do (if you really can’t get to confession) is walk up to the priest when he is giving out the Eucharist, and cross your arms over your chest, which signifies that although you are currently not able to receive the Eucharist, you have the desire to be blessed by the Priest.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get to confession as soon as possible! I will keep you in my prayers that you are able to do so quickly and without too much interference from external factors.

Call the parish and ask if the priest will hear your confession before or after Mass. Explain to him, what you’ve said here - that you are dependent on others to get to Mass/Church. You should not receive communion until you receive confession.

Your parish may also be able to connect you to a neighbor who you can catch a ride to Mass with so that you can get to church more regularly. That will help you master your sinful desires also.

Also, check to see if there is a parish near school, work, friends, etc that you could get to also.

Receiving Communion in the state of Mortal Sin is a Sacriliege. Try to find a Priest and go to Confession first. Hope this helps. God bless

Call the priest and ask if you can go to confession directly afterward.

God works in mysterious ways. Just ask your parents to take you to confession. After all lent is approaching. You would ask them to take you shopping or to a friends would you not? While you are at it ask them to take you to Mass as well. What parent would say no to that?!


Do you have a friend that can give you a ride to church?

Also, you can call the parish office and sometimes they have people who volunteer to pick up people and take them to church who can’t get there on their own.

Just a couple of thoughts.

I have always wondered what % of the people during Sunday mass do communion under a mortal sin as the OP. My guess 50%.

Between half my family being sick for the past month and troubles with our car I haven’t been able to get to Mass. And I live in a community that has very few Catholics. I don’t live near any Catholics at all so catching a ride is almost impossible. I’ve asked my mom if I could go to confession but I doubt that will work out because she’ll probably forget to ask my dad about it and it will be forgotten. This probably sounds kind of weird but I feel like I need the sacraments as much as a terminally ill person would need medical attention. I just need to receive them and I really wish I could :(. Thanks for any prayers! They are a great help!

Though I understand your desire for the Eucharist, remember that if you take Communion in the state of mortal sin you are not receiving the graces you would normally get from the sacrament but committing another grave offence, perhaps the worst offence you could commit.

Yeah. What will be will be so I can’t really complain about it because it’s God’s Will. I will talk to my mom about it, though.

Call the parish also. It may be easier for your parents if you can go right after Mass, or at a different time on Saturday. See what options you have. For example, if your mom can drop you off and then go run errands, it may make it easier for you to get to confession regularly. I’ll continue praying for you.

That is not allowed in our diocese.

You know, after I wrote my response, I quickly recalled that this is actually a largely contested practice in the Church. Many parishes openly praise this act, while others do not allow it.

I highly recommend that anyone considering to do this, to talk with the pastor/priests at your Church to ascertain whether or not this is a valid action on your part to take during that part of the Mass.

Please understand that everyone does indeed receive a blessing at the very end of Mass, and as such, it is not required that a person walk in the line to get a blessing during the giving of the Eucharist.

oy… this reminds me of my teen years. Especially since I converted outside of my family. They didn’t see it as a big deal to go to mass every Sunday, and always made a stink about driving me. (We lived out in the country, so it was a bit of a schlep.)

Getting to Confession was even harder, as my mother decided that meant it was time for a ‘what have you done wrong’ interrogation.

I’ve found some parents do have that attitude with their child asking to go to Confession, which I think actually encourages a child to sin. If they don’t go up for Eucharist, why not? If they ask to go to Confession, why?

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