Sacrament of Confirmation

At the Easter Vigil this year we had Monsignor say the Mass. Our diocese is in the middle of a change as our Bishop retired in March. When I was confirmed it was by the Bishop, so I thought that only a Bishop could do a Confirmation. I suppose I was mistaken because Monsignor did the Confirmations, just was wondering…any thoughts or resources would be great, thanks :slight_smile:

A priest can administer confirmation in accordance with the following:



Can. 882 The ordinary minister of confirmation is a bishop; a presbyter provided with this faculty in virtue of universal law or the special grant of the competent authority also confers this sacrament validly.

Can. 883 The following possess the faculty of administering confirmation by the law itself:

1/ within the boundaries of their jurisdiction, those who are equivalent in law to a diocesan bishop;

2/ as regards the person in question, the presbyter who by virtue of office or mandate of the diocesan bishop baptizes one who is no longer an infant or admits one already baptized into the full communion of the Catholic Church;

3/ as regards those who are in danger of death, the pastor or indeed any presbyter.

Another priest can do confirmation if the bishop gives him permission.

I was just confirmed this weekend (at Easter Vigil) and it was our priest who did the confirming. Part of the problem with only the Bishop being allowed to confirm is that in areas like where I live (the parishes are spread out - this is a very rural area) is that either it’s inconvenitn or next to impossible for the Bishop to travel here for Easter Vigil or it’s just plain uneconomical for us to go to him. Anyway, as far as I understand, all confirmations here are performed by our local priest.

Now, quite frankly, I would have LOVED to have been confirmed by the Bishop, but it was wonderful to be brought in by my Father in front of my parish. Oooh, possessive language there, of course all Catholics are my brothers and sisters but this parish consists of my favorite brothers and sisters since I know them by name ;).

When an adult is baptized or makes a profession of faith for full communion, the priest is to confer the sacrament of Confirmation and they are to receive First Eucharist at the same Mass. They have that faculty (permission). Unless they are confirming a Catholic at the Vigil (or any other time). If so then they have to get the faculty.

I was confirmed by our parish priest at the Easter Vigil. But, when the kids are Confirmed after completing their confirmation classes, they have a special ceremony when the Bishop comes. My two oldest kids were baptized in the Methodist church, so they will be converting next Easter Vigil after they complete their 2nd year of religious education. They will be confirmed by our priest and receive first communion the same way the adults would, but when they are the age that the cradle Catholics would go through confirmation, we’ve been told that they can go through the classes with the other kids their age but when the Bishop comes they will receive a special blessing instead since they will have already been confirmed.

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