Sacrament of Marriage....

Hey all!

 My wife and I were married outside of the Catholic Church.  My wife is not currently catholic, but is interested.  however I am catholic and confirmed.  We have one baby boy to be baptized in March.  Is there any way to get our marriage recognized by the church?  Thank you!

It seems that when you were married outside the Church, there was an impediment called, “lack of form” which is easily remedied. Contact your pastor and ask that your marriage be validated.

Yes, there is. Talk with your pastor. The two of you will exchange vows in front of a priest or deacon; then the Church will recognize your marriage and everything will be fine. Your wife does not need to become Catholic first, though she’s welcome in the Church, of course.

As the others have said, speak with your priest. Assuming no other impediments, it should be a simple “fix.”

You might also ask him about having your son baptized sooner. :wink: Why wait so long?

I am not asking, just mentioning:

You did not say if your wife was married previously and if it was valid or not.

It is always best to go to a priest and he will ask all the questions, and then tell you what you can do.

As the others have said, you just need to meet with your priest and arrange to have your marriage convalidated. This is the actual Sacrament, not a “blessing”. It can be a big wedding if you want or it can be a 15 minute ceremony with just you, your spouse, two witnesses, and the priest.

The only hitch is making sure you are both eligible to marry in the Church. For example, if your spouse was previously married and divorced you would need your spouse to apply for and receive an annulment before you could marry.

Thanks all very helpful answers! Only waiting till march for his baptism for our family across the country to be able to make it to his special day :blush:

Or if the OP was previously married, for that matter. Both of these questions – what MJJean referred to as both “being eligible to marry in the Church” – are critical to the answer! :wink:

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