Sacramental experiences and the Latin mass

I have only ever been to two Latin masses in my life and in my life I have almost had no spiritual experiences that I can think of

The first time I went to Latin mass last year at North American martyrs in Seattle and the priest new what I was going to say before I said it in confession

Tuesday in Bremerton at Latin mass after I received the Eucharist and felt a burning feeling in the shape of the bread on my tongue for over an hour

I feel completely drawn to the Latin mass after these experiences but the nearest one is over an hour from my house

Peace and all Good!

the TLM has always been an extraordinary source of Grace for me as well, I can also relate to the distance issue. My TLM Parish is not exactly close. it takes about an 1h30minutes to get there

There is no Latin Mass near me. I do experience the Love of the Lord more easily at weekday Mass, where there is not the loud clanging of certain musical instruments. :slight_smile:

I just need to focus on the fact that our Risen, Glorious Lord Jesus Christ is coming to me at every Mass, and that I can do nothing without him.

I think it is worth the effort to get there.

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