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Hi All,

A year ago, I read a book about a German woman who’s ministry it was to help those in purgatory. JPII knew of her ministry. She suggested that during this very dangerous era of secularism and demonic influence that Catholics pull out all the stops when it came to protection. She mentioned of course frequenting the sacraments, and to carry around with us at all times, sacramentals.

Most of us on CAF come here to learn, exchange ideas, help others through prayer and advice, and to compare notes, hence the purpose of this thread.

What sacramentals do you carry around with you, and use? Please add any comments you wish.

I will start of course. I try to carry a 1.5 oz of Holy water, and I have several blessed medals including Thomas, [Dominican 3rd order, invested] Miraculous medal, Padre Pio /relic.

I carry a Rosary & Holy Water. I wear a Brown Scapular, Miraculous Medal, Tau & Crucifix.

Oops, I voted that I carry holy water with me. I have it in my house. I carry a rosary in my purse at all times and have more at the house, one next to my bed.

I wear a brown scapular and a Miraculous Medal (that took from October 2016 till now to find here in Mexico!).

When I was in eastern europe, I carried a stake, does that count? :slight_smile:

Nowadays, my single decade Rosary with a Pardon Crucifix is more than sufficient.

I carry blessed medals and a cross necklace, but that’s all I have on my person. I always keep a rosary in my car. I don’t carry a purse anymore, but I used to keep one in my purse too.

I carry holy water in a small vile attached to my keys, I carry 3-4 rosaries in my purse, I wear a blessed saint medal & crucifix together on a chain. I also where a blessed large cross made of nails at all times.

Hello Everyone,

I wear the brown scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I have been wearing a brown scapular since I was invested by a priest, 20 years ago.

I wear different blessed medals, including an exorcised medal of St. Benedict.

I carry a blessed Rosary in my purse.

I have a 2nd class relic of Mother Theresa and my priest told me NOT to carry it around.

but I always have a couple of rosaries on me . :smiley:

It’s not a sacramental, but a friend gave my wife and I ‘I am a catholic’ cards. Does anyone else carry them?

Wear a miraculous medal.Always have a rosary in my purse.I have a small bottle of holy water I keep at home,maybe I will start keeping it in my purse too.:wink:

I am somehow unable to vote on the poll. Anyway, I carry a rosary in my purse at all times, and keep a rosary at arm’s length in most rooms of my home. I did wear a brown scapular; however, it fell apart and gave me a terrible allergic rash. I am going to get a 4/5 way medal to wear in its place.


I have a small bottle of holy water in my briefcase (which functions as my “man purse”), a rosary in my pocket, and a second-class relic of St. John Paul the Great that occasionally travels with me. I haven’t had a scapular in years (and wasn’t aware of investure at that time), but I would like to get one with a miraculous medal.

Rosary, (at all times in my purse), and a rosary bracelet with third class relics from my two favorite Saints: St. Bernadette and St. Pio. I also have a miraculous medal on my bracelet as well (I attached them as charms).

yeah, my sentiments exactly. If one can’t answer, then don’t answer. :rolleyes: tarot cards are NOT permitted nor are they sacramentals.

I have my grandmother’s ’ I am Catholic card’ in my home. She carried it many years of her long life to age 94.

I used to always carry a rosary but f or some reason I have not carried it with me lately. I am glad this post was started so I can once again carry it I had a mini faith crisis and now I realize I miss having my rosary with me.


I wear two medals, St. Ignatius Loyola & St. Mary Magdalen, along with a simple silver Cross, and my wedding ring. I usually have a rosary in my purse.

I always wear a cross of some sort, but most days, one chain that has a cross, a double sacred heart medal, and a St. Michael/Marine Corps medal (for my son. Okay, in all honesty The chain also holds an American flag charm and a Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor charm. :D)

I carry at least one rosary in my pocketbook, and have a single decade car rosary hanging off the rear view mirror. (Which I have on occasion taken down and used while my husband drove somewhere.) I sometimes wear a full rosary bracelet of Connemara marble, and use it too.

I have a Miraculous medal on my key chain with my car keys.

I use a rosary at home, but out in the world, I just use my fingers, I can’t keep up with the rosary case, and it gets tangled up badly in my pocket. I have been considering the scapular.

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