Sacramentals and Bibles; what's sacrilege?


I was reading my Bible today and started worrying about sacrilege with it touching the floor while reading, so I held it in my hands. Then, when I needed to use the bathroom, I put it down on a dry surface but didn’t know if it was clean. Pretty much, is it sacrilege to have a bible or sacramental have dust or not be immaculately clean? Because of worrying, probably my OCD, I went around my house cleaning anything that I thought blessed or was a cross with Clorox wipes, and then even feeling guilty about using the same one twice on a different object. Also, would keeping a mini- bible in my backpack or stored someplace else be considered sacrilege? I think I’m just worrying too much.


You* are* worrying too much!


Thanks. I was gonna worry about the fact that I dried some of the items with toilet paper (seemd like the cleanest thing to dry something with where I was), but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that’s nothing else to worry about. :slight_smile:


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