I have some thoughts about sacramentals.

If a person is in the stage of pre-catechumenate i.e. has not yet been received as a catechumen.

Is such a person entitled to the sacramentals, like the sign with ashes on ash wednesday or being sprinkled with holy water or similar sacramentals?

The same applies to a person maybe baptized and maybe not ot maybe he or she is from another denomination and has no intention of becoming catholic.

Can such persons still receive the sacramentals?

The ashes, unlike the Sacraments, can be received by anyone. The ashes are a very concrete reminder of our mortality and the fact that we are sinners who need to turn away from our sins and return to God. Maybe reception of the ashes can be a moment of grace and repentent for the recipieint.

So i guess that it would apply for all sacramentals, as they are instituted by the church whereas the sacraments are instituted by Jesus.

The sacramentals are objects such as ashes, holy water, holy medals and sacred images. These are special signs that the Church uses to inspire the faithful. The sacraments, on the other hand, are instituted by Christ and administered by the Church.

I know but i mean that there is no objection for non catholics to make use of those sacramentals.

No, the sacramentals like ashes and holy water are available for all.

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