Sacramento Church Implements Dress Code

I wouldn’t mind seeing our Church implement a dress code like this one. It can’t hurt, but it might help.

"Sacramento Church Implements Dress Code

It would seem pretty obvious what you should and should not wear, if you were to attend religious services, but one local church felt it necessary to spell out a dress code for its parishioners."…

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Its not just a church, but a shrine: the Santuario Nacional de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Sacramento, Ca.

A poster advertising the dress code was first posted three years ago. However, this year it was decided to put them up throughout the church.

The posters feature only photos of women. What about the men: Do they always dress appropriately?

“We don’t seem to have a problem with the men,” Lino said, choosing his words carefully. He is not saying all men are great dressers, he added. “But I haven’t seen a man come in with a low-cut shirt,” he said.

Otero always wears the priest uniform of black clericals and collar. He also wears a long-sleeve black jacket – even in 100-degree-plus weather. “This is what people expect, and it shows respect,” he said.

Photo by Renée C. Byer of the Sacramento Bee.

I wish I saw this in more churches… I saw similar policies at some churches in Poland, but never have here in the US.

Men are not above criticism. Just this last Sunday, there was an adult man in front of me who wore a ball cap all through Mass, even to receive communion. He had his whole family with him, but his wife said nothing.

Men wearing hats while eating has become very common, and it is now occurring in church more and more often. I find both revolting.

I usually wear jeans and a rock t-shirt (my normal, everyday attire really) to church. I do not wear a hat. However, I do know a dude who wore one when he had cancer treatments going on. Nothing wrong with that, in my view.

I think if people want to dress up, thats fine though.

Wait… if we are going to Mass, where we meet Christ… shouldn’t we dress with reverance & dignity? Showing the utmost respect to Christ? We aren’t kickin it on the couch at home or hanging out with friends… we’re worshipping GOD!.. how is dressing up nicely in shirt & tie not common for everyone…?
Most of the teenagers in my community may rock jeans… but the dress it up with a shirt & tie and sometimes a vest… at least make an effort…

:thumbsup: Well done Sacramento Church!!!

Here in Boise, I can’t stand it when people where Bronco gear on game-day.:tsktsk: It’s very disrespectful to our Lord. I really would like to see a dress code here.

There appears to be an exception to every rule, even the rule that there is an exception to every rule.

Obviously wearing a hat in church is inappropriate, but as to men wearing hats while eating; customs do not remain constant.  In Elizabethan times, men always wore hats  even while eating.  The only time they took it off was while sleeping or in the presence of their monarch.

The Diocese of Manila in the Philippines has also established a dress code, provided by posters put outside of churches. See

I live in FL, where the weather is warm most of the year.
Our Bishop had to ask people not to wear shorts or jeans to Church.
For men to wear a hat in Church is bad manners.

When going to a banquet per invititation from the ‘King of Kings’, we must always dress appropriately.

Respect for God dictates dressing modestly and in our best.

Also unnecessary talking in Church before and after Mass, is disrespectful to the ever Present Jesus.
It is also distracting to those who are praying.

I think if people had the right perspective about going to church. i.e., why I am going (worship God), what will I do there (worship the Lord), who will I meet (the Lord Jesus Christ), I think this would be a non-issue.

If you were preparing to go to the White House for dinner with the president of the United States what would you wear? If we were honest most of us would wear something a little nicer than a t-shirt and jeans. Does God deserve better?

In all things let us honor and worship Him!

I live in a community where we have lots of folks on vacation from spring thru fall. Families regularly show up like they are going to the beach wearing sundresses, flip-flops, short shorts and baring breasts. Young girls are freezing in their skimpy outfits as we do have great air conditioning! I wish we would begin to post a dress code both online and at the door of the church. Dress for the King of Kings as if you are meeting with royalty. You ARE!

Dress codes are appropriate.

Hetero men are easily distracted and can be prompted to start calculating when it comes to an immodestly dressed women…its simply a temptation thing. Properly attired visitors make this less likely.

Men improperly dressed: baseball cap on until usher had enough courage to tell guy to remove it. T-shirt wearers participating in bringing gifts up to the altar. AND just last Sunday…drumroll please…guy wearing Jim Bean burbon t-shirt to Sunday Mass!!!

Women: 60 year old in short-shorts on altar preparing to distribute Communion. Young Mom wearing thin straps on dress unable to cover bra straps the body of which wasn’t covered by back of dress…solution: use a mirror before leaving house. And the I-want-to-be-a-priest dress consisting of a floor length black coat-dress with covered buttons up to mandarin collar complete with black picture hat as the attire to wear while distributing Communion…really?

When I first saw the signs at the National Shrine of Our Lady Guadalupe, it is great. It takes courage to do it.

Whatever happened to good manners and decorum in this day and age. Call me old fashioned if you wish, but something is lacking when we have to have a dress code at all. I’m glad it has been done.

I agree! Funny thought-I’ve seen people in business attire cut me off in traffic, not hold the door open for women, curse like sailors in public, etc. Same with women-sometimes the nicest looking ones (talking about attire, not physical appearance) act the most trashy. People who look like me (long hair several inches below my shoulders, ripped jeans, leather jackets) go out of our way to be polite.

How wonderful! You were there. Did you get a sense of how others were reacting to the signs?

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