I was trying to explain to my Baptist friend about the sacraments. He wants to know what makes something a sacrament and who declares them a sacrament and who says how the sacrament was supposed to be practiced. He doesn’t understand if they bible doesn’t explain that these things should be done then why do them? He doesn’t understand that if the bible doesn’t tell you how to do these things then where do we come up with them? He wants to know where in the bible does it say that God’s grace is actually bestowed upon us through a sacrament.

I try to tell him but he keeps coming up with more questions that I can’t really answer. Is there anyway to explain to him in a way that he can fully grasp the sacraments.


Try this site:

It’s the full on-line version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Click on “Contents” at the very bottom, then under Part Two, Section Two, click that and read about the sacraments.

Once you have thoroughly read the whole section and understand it yourself (there are lots of references too, don’t skip 'em), then it will be easier for you to explain them to your friend.

God bless you.

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