Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer

Ok, I know that there are many prayers. The one I’m curious about is one my mom taught me.

When I was a wee kid she’d say that if I ever got scared, or if I just needed to feel reassured, to pray, “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in thee.”

Has anyone else ever heard of this?
What is the source to this prayer? (Not that it’s crucial for me, I’m just curious about it’s source.)
Do you pray this? If so, why?
Is it’s intent to help calm a person? Or what is the reason for it? (Other than it’s really nifty prayer in and of itself. :wink: )

I just remembered this prayer today. It’s so simple, yet elegant. I’m wanting to know a little more about it.

Hi “Gig”… “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee”… is part of the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus… (link to follow).

I recently heard someone on EWTN talking about the Sacred Heart Devotion and the Divine Mercy Devotion; how the two devotions, compliment one another. Because they both appeal to the same Heart of Jesus… His Sacred and Loving Heart… and His Merciful Heart. Awesome. Here is the link. Hope it helps and God bless.

it’s also part of a novena! :slight_smile:

Hey ladies! Thank you so much. I checked these sites out and bookmarked them. :slight_smile:

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