Sacred Heart of Jesus versus Divine Mercy Devotion

Are these two devotions related to each other? Do they convey a similar message? Which one do you devote your time and prayers to?

They are two aspects of the same thing: the love and mercy of God. I am devoted to both.

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The Sacred Heart devotion arose from the sacred side wound devotion, by monastics, in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, increased by Sister Margaret Mary Alacoque and Divine Mercy through Sister Faustina Kowalska.

Sister Margaret Mary Alacoque said in 1674 that Jesus requested honor as sacred heart as reparation.
Sister Maria Faustyna Kowalska said in 1935 that Jesus requested the Divine Mercy image to be publicly honoured thereby granting many graces.

I have participated in the Divine Mercy. Regularly I pray various confraternity prayers and also wear the Sacred Heart of Jesus image.

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