Sacred Host, Bread of Angels, Given to Animals

January 8, 2017

Sure hope this is the correct forum. If not, please move. Thank you for your help.

These two “events” are real, and I already handled each of them. My saintly Pastor has already told me that I handled it extremely well, gave exactly the teachings of the Church, and did it all very lovingly. Not a thing more that I may do; other than putting it here to try to bring it to the forefront.

The person loves dog A and dog B.

  1. Dog A is always taken to Mass and the Priest knows it. Dog A dies and the owner requests a Mass said for it – to same Priest. Owner is hurt when others at that parish laughed at the idea.

  2. Dog B, gotten after dog A died, is also taken to Mass and this dog is given Communion. Enough said.

Animals in the USA are named with human/people names, e.g., Lucy, John, etc. How could a parish Secretary know if the “decedent” is a person or an animal when taking the information for a Mass? Male and female, surname, Catholic or not could “apply”, in the owner’s mind, to the animal. Yes, I do know that no prayer is ever “wasted” if a Mass, unbeknownst to the Priest, is actually said for an animal,

How would you, Priest or not, deal with the above?

Sacred Host, Bread of angels, given to animals, Have mercy on us.

**Let Nothing Disturb You
Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.

Obtains all things,
Whoever has God
Lacks nothing:
God alone suffices.

Santa Teresa de Jesús `
(Santa Teresa de Ávila
España: 1515—1582)

Luz María

Well, dogs don’t have an immortal soul like us. It dies at death. No Mass can be said for the dog, nor can Holy Communion be given to a dog is sacrilege, since it is abusing the Sacrament of Holy Communion. I would report it to the bishop.

Thank you! I agree with all you said. No Mass may be said for a dog. A dog may not be given Holy Communion. I use the word “may” because there is the physical ability to give a dog Holy Communion – which, as you stated, is a sacrilege. So, if a dog is named “Mark” and it is given the family surname on “its papers”, how is a parish Secretary to know that Mark Menneddy (making up a last name) is a dog? The person is so distraught. This could be a cultural thing.

Reporting is something else all together! Information wanted: full name of person, location of parish, parish name, Mass attending :bigyikes:. At times all that information is not available. “There is nothing the arch/diocese can do without that information.” Not my words.

As I said, I already handled it and the Mass was handled at one parish.

Thanks again for your input.

Although you said “enough said,” I think it is worthwhile to know whether the priest gave the dog Communion or if somebody else did it after getting a Host somehow. Do you know? (Don’t answer if you aren’t comfortable answering.)

I couldn’t imagine sitting in Mass with some Doberman sat behind me breathing into my neck.


Dave the Doberman?

I would like to know WHO is giving this dog Holy Communion. The owner himself, sharing his Host, or the EMHC or the priest himself??? God help them. And yes I would report it to the priest and or the Bishop!!

I absolutely did not mean to imply that a Priest gave the dog Communion. No, the Priest did not give the animal Communion.

And then get licked at the kiss of peace.

Am not trying to give you a hard time: how could you report it?
The information wanted is: full name of person, location of parish, parish name, Mass attending (meaning the time) :bigyikes:. At times all that information is not available. “There is nothing the arch/diocese can do without that information.” Not my words.

Now what?

That dog is huge! Can kids ride him? So . . . Dave Doberman, could that pass for a last name as Dovereman?

:rotfl::rotfl: I needed that laugh! Just in time! Thanks :curtsey: !

My dog know how to give her paw to shake with.:smiley:

My Collie did too, so cute.

A person giving communion to a dog (or any animal) is committing sacrilege and may incur an excommunication. I’m utterly speechless that that could happen.

Luz Maria said: “No, the Priest did not give the animal Communion.”


Well, I am confused. How do you know someone gave the dog communion? And if you know who it is, why **can’t **you give your priest the information?

guess we shouldn’t go to the same mass then. I’m allowed to bring my dog

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