Sacred Mysteries


I am not sure this is pertinent to moral theology but here goes, at the beginning of every Mass the Priest states that we celebrate the Sacred Mysteries of our Faith. I do not see in many other Catholics any real reflection or understanding of this profound acclamation.
So many of the so called educated faithful are so shallow in their beliefs and have no depth of understanding. Prayer and Sin are a mystery to them. They ask questions about their Catholic Faith and Tradition but fail to open a catechism for the answers the Church provides.
People are so ready to believe without question what is put out by the secular media on its interpretation of what is the truth.
The richness of our Faith is amazing and not many are willing to exert any effort or research for the absolute truth. People are willing to accept any editorialization or opinion of those media experts that have no solid substance or understanding of what they are saying about our Faith.
Such things as the mystery of the Holy Trinity and the Seven Sacraments that hold such revealed truths that were given to us by God so that we can have a personal relationship with Him! These fundamental things are so deep that they will never be exhausted of their truths.
The ignorance of the faithful is a sad reality in this googlized world!


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