"Sacred Scandal Month": National Geographic is at it again

Anyone else hear of this?

I found an ad in my local daily newspaper today for National Geographic’s “Sacred Scandal Month” which starts tomorrow. The ad featured a picture of a black cross, with the shadow of it forming a question mark and the words “There are things you dont know” above it.

Here is the link to it on National Geographic’s website- nationalgeographic.ca/features/Sacred_Scandal_highlights.asp

Looks like the same old nonesense and blasphemy that has characterized them for the last few years.

Is it really so bad for people to be curious about the history surrounding their religion?

Maybe when you find out that volume upon volume of Christian text has been deliberately kept secret for the past 1600-1700 years, it sort of piques your interest regarding what else you might not know. Who knows.

Most of it is sensationalist trash and so-called “experts” (interestingly enough discredited by most of the academic world) trying to disprove Christian doctrine, and fuel the flames of hatred and persecution against the Catholic Church.

People should be curious about the factual history of their Church, not fringe theories and secularist rubbish.


Funny… I lay odds that there will NOT be a Sacred Scandal Month from them involving Islam.

I wonder if this “sacred scandal” campaign, which certainly is practiced by more networks than the National Geographic Channel, is based on market research. Is the reasoning that most North Americans claim to be religious but don’t practice religion regularly except at Easter and Christmas? :confused:

Its interesting that Canada’s National Geographic website has a Sacred Scandals theme, but the American version does not. Searching channel.nationalgeographic.com/ turns up only one program: Sacred Lives of Jesus (and the connection goes bad after reading the page for a few seconds).

Care to name some of these “volumes”???


Yes, the Vatican actually is hiding many volumes of Jesus’ writings as well. It is possible that the release of some of these writings of Jesus could show us how the Catholic Church has caused all the evils the world knows and they are really the enemy.

Now lets come back to real life. The national geographic is puting out its propaganda and trying to discredit Christianity. They have no care for the truth, their only care is to discredit Christianity. Their shows always show the controvercial people that reject Christianity as their sources. They have zero credibility. If you want to learn about the history of Christianity read books about it.

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