SACRED VESSELS IN USE OR NOT? (in your parish)

It is sad to me that a ‘simple’ liturgical rule could be broken when it comes to the sacred vessels used at Mass. Our parish (3 different sites, but one parish) uses glass (crystal?) at two of the three sites for the Sacred Blood. This is not allowed since the GIRM states that precious metal must be used and not an easily breakable or common material which means glass or crystal.
This is so common in the parishes I’ve belonged to that even the Eucharistic Ministers think it’s ok. ???
Even the consecrated hosts are administered from a large crystal (glass?) bowl.
It’s become common place and therefore no one says anything and even I am guilty of “choosing my battles” over which liturgical abuses to draw attention to. I know I need to fight for the Lord and the reverence He deserves, but this post is simply asking about your parish and what you use or have experienced.
God Bless.

use to happen at my parish, as of about 3 years ago it now longer happens. It was pointed out and we got a new priest about that time and it was corrected.

I share many of your frustrating sentiments about poor use glass, crystal, and pottery vessels forbidden to be used during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I’ve even seen ordinary wicker bread baskets traditionally used for home kitchen table, instead of a ciborium that contain Sacred Consecrated Hosts. Hardly what one would term as a Sacred Vessel anymore than crystal and glass or pottery.

My priest doesn’t care to use the Chalice Paten. Too superfluous I guess.
The once traditional Hand-held Communion Paten once held under the chin of the faithful to catch unseen crumbs from host given to the faithful is rarely used today.

Your very right saying that we need to;

fight for the Lord and the reverence He deserves

I do not understand why this is still going on. This practice was specifically spelled out as something that was to cease three years ago. Our bishop reiterated the message to the parishes.

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