Sacredness in Mass


How can we influence our parishes to embrace more sacredness and solemnity on our masses and liturgies?


Tridentine Mass


That’d be way too radical - to happen.
It could - but it’d be tough.

I see the church today as - well - not pandering…but not making waves to upset anyone.
Esp. right now - as I type this.


Better music.


I always find the notions of “solemnity” and “sacredness” as discussed here are really matters of personal taste. I’m willing to venture many parishes already meet these in actuality and just satisfy the individual’s preferences or style.


You win the internet today! :slight_smile:


Liturgical practices and disciplines gradually develop over time, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost. The principle of organic development—usually ignored or belittled in modern times—has always been implicitly understood throughout Church history. Therefore, whatever is considered sacred and pleasing to God cannot simply be a matter of subjective emotions or personal taste; the Church, for two thousand years, has never accepted such a view. If sacredness and beauty were really so subjective, then why even have prescribed liturgical rites? Why not have a free-for-all, if something is sacred to one person, yet profane to another? Sacredness and beauty depend on order; after all, God created order out of the chaos, and order and law are dear to Him. The Church will certainly need to address the issue of antinomianism as soon as possible.


For starters. The sanctuaries at the parishes out here where I am are never silent. People talk and catch up in the sanctuary while many of us try to pray and meditate before and after mass. All. The. Time.


I’m with Ioannes on this one;

Traditional Latin Mass.


I wish ALL Priests at ALL Masses would do instruction on the parts of the Mass (in segments) until it’s all covered as well as printing that in the bulletin. What each and every vessel means, what each and every Mass part means, what each and every vestment means, why we make the gestures and do the movements we do, etc. If the normal regular Parishioner in the pew knew these things it might help them see why the Mass is the way it is and why things are done the way they are done. Since I’ve been a Sacristan I have learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much I wouldn’t have known other wise.


If the priest were to begin to offer a Mass in the Extraordinary Form, it’s likely his Ordinary Form Masses would gradually become more reverent as well.


You can’t make the Mass more sacred, it’s sacred regardless.

Having more reverence is a different thing and that will vary according to the priest and people in attendance.

They’re the one’s who make the Mass more reverent and it has to do with what comes from their hearts, not the format in of itself.



Can you just repeat this to everyone about once an hour every day until it sinks in?


Mine does Norvus Ordo and it’s just fine and Sacred and solemn


Tell them to shush


I think what we are talking about is our sense of the sacred which has been diminished and I don’t think the form of the Mass has much to do with it. Rather, it is our entire culture and lifestyle. We do not cultivate the sense. We do not have much reverence for anything or anyone any more.


Do you mean in the front of Church where the Altar is or do you mean in the vestibule?


where the Holy Altar is and pews are…


I’m with you on that. It’s difficult for me to pray and reflect or pray my penance prayers when people all around me are talking in the pews before Mass. I know others can block it out and concentrate but I can’t.


We begin, always and everywhere, with reform of ourselves.

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