Sacrifice at Mass


When the do the blessing of the sacrament, is God just sending us the same sacrifice that jesus made 2000 yrs. ago or is Jesus suffering for us to get that.


Hi jville,

Jesus died once for us all. His sacrifice happened once and for all. The sacrifice of the mass is a non-bloody re-representation of the sacrifice of Calvary, in which Christ offers himself once more to the Father and we, uniting ourselves to him, hope to apply the merits of his sacrifice to ourselves and the world.

Jesus resurrected with a glorified body and he cannot suffer anymore. He is as we shall be in heaven.



I think there’s a greater mystery at work here.

As I understand it, the beneficiaries of a sacrifice in the ancient world were typically those who attended it. The Eucharist allows us to be physically present at Christ’s sacrifice and thus part of it in a very real way.

It’s the same sacrifice, we simply take part in it over time whereas Christ is outside of Time.

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