Sacrificing for Lent?


I did not realize until I first came here that Lent was really important to you guys. I already knew people gave up things for Lent because many of my friends are Catholic. I suppose they are not good examples, still luv them though! LOL Most I know do go to Church once a week maybe, but the most Catholic thing I have witnessed is their lucky candles, (their words, not mine) like the ones of Padre Pio.

What are the consequences for you guys if they do not take the sacrifice seriously. I have friend who loves to shop, she gave up shopping, however there is a great sale going on so she gives her sister her credit card so she may shop for her. Kinda a loop hole IMO. I jokingly asked another friend what she gave up. She said she gave up smoking. I reminded her that she gave up smoking many months ago. She wanted me to keep that one quiet, because no one else knew about it. I figured maybe God knew. I guess it is not that serious to them.

I am curious, to a Catholic is that like majorly endangering themselves? I kind of viewed it as lying.



Please try to not lump us all into the same category, as certainly all Catholics are not alike:D!

For most faithful Catholics, we are on a personal journey during the Lenten season to rid ourselves of sinful behaviors and to gain new and better replacements. This is much more spiritual than a new year’s resolution; we strive to die to sin while deepening our connection with Jesus Christ. Perhaps your friends don’t take it as seriously as many of us do, and they certainly are not alone.:rolleyes:

My personal Lenten plans did not include giving something up. I have firmly resolved, as I do every year, to add and not take away. I attend Stations of the Cross weekly, attend at least one weekday Mass a week, have joined a Bible Study group, pray the rosary more often, focus on giving more to those in most need, pray special intentions for people who do not know the love of God, keep both of my holy water fonts in the house filled and pray for the Grace of God to help me to be the best disciple, wife, mother and daughter I can be.

I pray for your friends, that they may discover the true meaning of the Lenten season.:thumbsup: The rewards are Heavenly! (And luck has no role in it):wink:

Peace to you,



They might be fooling themselves but they are not fooling God.

Those friends of yours are what I have heard called “cultural Catholics”, they are just going through the motions.

Whatever we “give up” or do for Lent, if it doesn’t help us to know Jesus better, or bring us closer to Him, we have wasted our time.


I see it as a journey of reconciliation. A journey of renewing our faith, I might say. We should be seeking to be closer to God, life, and love. It’s about turning back to God.
I don’t know what to say about someone fibbing that they gave something up but didn’t:eek:


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To answer your question, it’s not a mortal sin to give up a Lenten promise. We generally really try to keep them though. I’ve heard some Catholics turn up their nose at people who give up candy, chocolate, a favorite TV show or (Like I’m doing) Soda, but the reason I’ve given up soda is to try and increase my will power and attatchment to something worldly, which I believe is very significant. A lot of the time as well, people who’ve given something up like this will also add spiritual practices. I’m trying to memorize prayers and read theological writings for example.




Oh, Ok that makes more sense then. If one does not have to give anything up then to me that would be better, to do nothing, than lying about giving something up. Just curious. Thanks :thumbsup:

Meant to add to the other lady, do not worry, I know better than to judge an entire group by a few people. There are bad Baptists, Methodists, etc…LOL Another reason I decided not to ask my Catholic friends around me any Catholic questions, I was afraid they might not really know.


Please try to not lump us all into the same category, as certainly all Catholics are not alike


Some follow Christ.:slight_smile:


Please try to not lump us all into the same category, as certainly all Catholics are not alike


Some give primacy to ‘love of the law’ while others ‘the law of love’

St John Paul II pray for us


You might find this “Ask an Apologist” link useful:


A few years ago, I gave up watching TV without exception.

As a result, I don’t watch much television now. I realized that I dedicated more time to Television then I dedicate to God on a daily basis. I absolutely don’t watch any “Reality programming”.

One of the realizations I came to because of this Lenten sacrifice:

God gives us 24 hours a day. One should tithe that time back to God in prayerful worship to him.


Ah, great… one of the things that always puzzles me is how folk spend Lent building up spiritual muscle then at Easter simply fall back… I have always done like you; it finally became impossible to find anything “extra” for Lent…lol!

You have great wisdom.

The other aspect is in what Isaiah calls “true fasting” see Isaiah 58… I typed and printed this out as part of a card for Lent, and a copy is by my computer and means more every day.
Fits with the Matthew 25 that haunts and inspires to a combined love for Jesus and for our neighbour…


One must note that “Giving something up for Lent” is not a mandatory requirement. It is optional.

Being diabetic giving up most of the common things that are suggested is already done.

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