'Sacrilege: Liberation Enters the Church'

The shocking truth behind the effect of liberal teachings in the RCC.....I don't know if this book has been discussed in here before, but it is incredible...


It seems people are staying away from this thread in droves. I just saw this article today linked from spiritdaily.com. I still have not completely finished it, but am having a very hard time believing. However, I have no reason to doubt it. One very holy priest I met who used to teach at seminary told me that the devil dances on the roofs of seminaries. This article helps to explain very clearly to me why so few priests preach about sin or warn about the dangers of hell. It's because they don't believe it. I had an uncle who was a priest who I remember talking about his beliefs and they included only a fraction of what the Church actually teaches. He also was accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl over a period of several years.

The Church is God's representative on earth. If the Church is so corrupt then of course the world will be corrupt. When we look at the sin and evil and depravity in this world, we need to beat our breasts and say Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Almost identical to an article I read in (then) Fidelity Magazine in the early 1990s. “How I wrecked the IHM Nuns” as I recall the article.

The excerpt seems like a hybrid between that article and “Goodby Good Men” by Rose.

Indeed shocking. But perhaps not entirely balanced. It is hard to tell just how prevalent abuses are from anecdotal stories. But the ones told are bad enough.

Remember, the Church doesn’t draw her power from the virtue of her clergy. The power of the Church comes from the one who established her.

My priest buddy even told me that he doesn't believe in the Bible. :eek: He said the Bible was written by men not God. Men used the Bible to control the masses.

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