Sacrilege or not?

A friend told me that her friend, who is a Buddhist, arranged for Buddhist monks to go into their Catholic church and do some chanting at the coffin at the end of the funeral mass!

She said the priest said it was ok and everyone thought it was lovely.

Isn’t that sacrilege? For Buddhist monks to chant in a Catholic church by the coffin? After a funeral mass too?

Am i wrong?


“After the mass” is key. What is the Buddhist connection?


What kind of “chanting”? There’s not an inherent problem with Buddhist monks chanting in a church.


If it was “after the Mass” why was the coffin still there?

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This is absolutely sacrilegious. Remember that Buddhists worship a false god. Psalms 95:5 says that the gods of the pagans are demons.

Worshiping and chanting to a false god in a Catholic temple dedicated to the true God is an abomination, especially considering that it is consecrated and holding the Holy Eucharist.

The priest should be contacted and informed in this regard, as he is in error here. God bless.


Exactly, the casket or coffin or urn is carried out of the Church during Mass. Something is off here.


Outside of the Church I would say whatever but not inside the Church and ONLY after Mass was over for sure. Don’t know. Never had anything like this happen.

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Ps 95:5

The sea and dry land belong to God,

who made them, formed them by hand.

Depending on the translation you are using, the book of psalms is numbered differently.

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I am using the approved Catholic version from the USCCB.

What version are you using?

Douay Rheims.


Haydock explains this verse:

Verse 5

Devils. Hebrew elilim, “diminutive gods, (Haydock) nothings, (Calmet) vain things.” (Montanus) (1 Paralipomenon) — We have idols, as Protestants read here. These were in fact, either devils, or vain imaginations of men. St. Paul says, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, 1 Corinthians viii. 4. They cannot claim self-existence, and if the true God were not to support those creatures, the sun, &c., which have been the objects of adoration, they would presently cease to be. (Haydock) — This most plausible species of idolatry is therefore refuted, since the Lord made the heavens. (Calmet) — The Creator alone can be considered as God; the devils prompt the people to adore other things. (Worthington) — It would appear but a small praise for the Lord to be feared above all gods, (Haydock) if they were “nothing.” Hence the Septuagint have used the word devils, to signify, that these potent, but maleficent beings, which the pagans adored, were infinitely beneath God, and worse than nothing. (Berthier)

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Well, my favorite bible is…

Never mind!

Why not ask Father about it?

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I’m not seeing the point you are making.

None the less, Buddhism is a false religion and idolatrous. Salvation only comes from Jesus Christ. (Acts 4:12). The Catholic encyclopedia states that Buddhism is a pagan religion.

“Various forms of Paganism are described in special articles (e.g. Brahminism, Buddhism, Mithraism,” (Paganism, Introduction).

It also states that … “Far wiser in their generation were those ancient Fathers, who, not always seeing in pagan analogies the trickery of devils ([Justin] in P.G., VI, 364, 408, 660; [Tertullian] in P.L., I, 519, 660; II, 66; Firmicus Maternus, ibid., XII, 1026, 1030)”. - (Catholic encyclopedia, Paganism, Relations between paganism and revelation).


The Church believes that Buddhists, that those from any religion, may be saved. It does not help to call them demon worshippers.


What church? Not the Catholic Church.

Salvation only comes from Jesus Christ. Buddha is a false god.


ccc 847 This affirmation is not aimed at those who, through no fault of their own, do not know Christ and his Church:

Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do his will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience - those too may achieve eternal salvation.337


Out of context quotation. There’s a difference between those who willingly practice a false religion and those who don’t. There’s a difference between those who know Christ and those who don’t. There’s a difference between those who reject the gospel and those who don’t.

If a Buddhist has heard of Jesus Christ and His Church, yet rejected Him and refused to enter His Body, there is no salvation.


Catholic Church = sanctified ground - laying of foundation stone and consecration of completed building.
Jesus is present in the Tabernacle, and present always.

Buddhism is not Catholicism. IMO, should not have occurred within the Church. Outside the Church would have be better.

One question for @Lost4words - in your OP you state that this friend (of your friend) is a Buddhist

So if a Buddhist, how did this person have a Catholic Funeral Mass? - or was it a funeral service? - or had the friend repented, turned away from Buddhism? and turned back to or entered the Catholic Faith prior to their death?


I don’t really think I understand the situation. That said, I know that if Protestants (or an orchestra to use a less loaded example) want to use a church, the blessed sacrament needs to be removed from the Tabernacle.

If that wasn’t done, I find allowing this behavior highly suspicious.

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