Sacrilege question?


Would it be sacrilege for one to commit a sin (mortal is what I’m thinking of) in front of holy images in your house?
I understand it is if you purposely do it in front of them for some sick thrill but as images do not have eyes and they are not standing in for the holy people they depict, it shouldn’t be right?
Now, if you did it on purpose, that would be two sins to my understanding.


The Catholic Encyclopedia says “conscious maltreatment of sacred pictures or relics or perversion of Holy Scripture or sacred vessels to unhallowed uses” constitutes a sacrilege. If you purposely set out to commit a mortal sin in front of a sacred image, perhaps that could class as “conscious maltreatment”.


If the sin is not performed intentionally in front of holy images, then I don’t think that would count as sacrilege.

Sacrilege would be profaning or misusing the images or sacramentals intentionally.


Does this also go for if someone touches an altar or relic and they are in mortal sin? It doesn’t desecrate the item unless someone did it with the intention of hurting/ruining it.


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