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I had just recently read an article about how offten we are to go to confession. The article says that the church recomends that we go to reconciliation every month or once a year. But I feel like that people commit mortal sins more that just once a month or just once a year. If one person were to go to confession only once a month or year, I think it would be fair to assume that the person had commited a mortal sin, once or more times before recieving reconciliation. So wouldn’t that be sacrilege to the Eucharist? Cause if so I fear that I might have commited sacrilege. Answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


You must go to confession as soon as possible every time you commit a mortal sin. It is a sacrilege if you receive Communion in a state of mortal sin. The Church recommends monthly confession as a means to strengthen one’s resolve to avoid sin and to sharpen one’s conscience. It is allowed and encouraged to confess venial sin if one has no mortal sin - people who go to confession regularly will often focus on one area of weakness and confess venial sins in that area.

Thank you for the answer! Looks like I need to make an appointment for confession:blush:

PS: Is it considered sacrilege if I bring the gifts to the altar while in mortal sin? Reason I ask, is yesterday on holy thursday the priest had forgotten to pick some one to bring up the offerings, and at random chose me, and my parents.

No, you were being of service to the community of God. It was an act of charity. :slight_smile:

Well, you don’t have to receive Communion at every Mass. So you’d expect that anyone in a state of mortal sin would stay in their seat at Mass until they could confess. Provided they refrain from communion, no sacrilege is involved.

I think once a year is the absolute minimum that the Chruch requires.
Once a month is recommended…
But if somebody commits a mortal sin, they should go as soon as possible. Not only so thet one can receive communion again, but also ebcause one never knows when one’s last day has coem!:heart::heart::heart:

I strongly caution about making assumptions about these things. God’s grace is so wonderful in the sacrament of confession that a person can be away from the Church for a long time, go to confession once and make a good humble confession fully intending to never commit another mortal sin and, through the grace of God remain in the state of grace.

This is absolutely true. Thanks for speaking up. In addition, many who go to daily mass can remain free from mortal sin for many years, and it would surprise me if any such person commits a mortal sin out of deliberate choice.

Then it wouldn’t be a mortal sin.

That’s the point he was making.

Then he shouldn’t call it a mortal sin.

Are you upset with my words, Deo?
Let me explain better.
I was agreeing with you that a person may remain free from mortal sin for many years. Perhaps inserting the word “deliberate” caused you confusion. By that, I meant that these persons wouldn’t commit a deliberate mortal sin for anything in the world, but they may certainly commit venial sins, or even lesser sins of imperfection, depending on their response to God’s graces.

He didn’t. He said holy people generally don’t commit mortal sins.

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