Sacrilegious Video Games

This story might make your head spin...mine hasn't stopped yet.

wow, not surprising though, considering the west does have the most violent culture on earth.

As a long time gamer I have to say some of the reductionist descriptions of those games and their plots are hilarious. This reads much like the who, 'Dungeons and Dragons' are Satanic stuff from back in the day.

I've played some of the games on the list, some wouldn't be my cup of tea but I'd want to play them before making up my mind. Bioware must get right peed of btw that their products are always dragged into this whole carry on. Last time it was Mass Effect with people banging on about it been a sex simulator in space etc. etc. The reality been there was one sexual interlude which showed very little and was optional and lasted for about 5 minutes maximum in a game designed to be played for perhaps 40 hours plus or more. I was considering buying Dragon Age once I finish up playing Fallout 3 (the people who wrote this article would have fits if they got their hands on that!).

I've played computer games, read fantasy novels, comics, watched sci-fi shows etc since I was a young kid. I am a stereotypical nerd by American standards. Strangely enough I do not imagine I can cast fireballs from my hands nor have I yet tried to practise 'magic' picked up from Harry Potter/D&D or other sources.

A further point occurs, Dragon Age:Origins is rated 18 plus. Some of the other games on that list are also adult or 15 plus rated. Now when I went to the game shop a few months ago with my missus some girl asked would I buy Grand Theft Auto IV for her at the desk as the owner refused to sell it to her.* When I refused I got a load of mouth from her until the owner told her to get out and not come back. Similarly the other day a lady was buying a console for her son and he picked up a game rate for 18 year olds. The owner asked her older son to take the little boy the console was for outside. Then he put the game on the in-store tv and showed her how violent it was and asked was she comfortable buying it for a kid so small? She bizarrely said yes and bought it. Personally knowing what game it was I would never have let a small kid near it but that's her choice and be assured if the shopkeeper absolutely refused to sell it to her she would just buy it online or elsewhere. Part of the problem with games is that often parents who don't play them any more aren't aware of what their kids are playing. Many games do use black humour or adult themes and part of the problem with the original article (apart from blatantly false information on many of the games listed) is that they associate gaming with childhood only.

It’s no more strange hearing things like that. In my country,there is the case of a lady releasing a song in which she was praising the devil using gospel soundtracks and many people are listening to it. We have to pray that God should continue to strengthen our faith and to give us the grace to hold on till the last.

wasnt a bad list of anything, until i got to guitar hero

My objection to guitar hero has always been more along the lines of considering the ammount the game and controller cost to buy you could buy a perfectly good beginners guitars set up. Then again I am a guitarist and have been for many years so I have a bias there.

its been going on for years but if anyone wants to make a religious Catholic video game lets talk business, i can help with the Character design and the over all design of the game.

Nocturne? As in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne? Um, hate to burst your bubble John but as a JRPG fanboy, I just looked up the game on GameFAQs and hardly found anything close to what your site is claiming. The nearest hit they had was where you had to fight three boss monsters named Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel. Knowing the Japanese though, they're the loosest when it comes to naming things after Christian figures. Also, you don't play as a demon. :rolleyes:

I might have to be wary of the Shadow Hearts series now though but I can't help this feeling that the "God" there sounds less like a being and more like some big space battleship. :ehh:

As far as Dante's Inferno is concerned however, I just gotta laugh. Have you actually visited the official website of the game? It's actually quite awesome. Did you know that if you watched a few gameplay clips, you get to choose between condemning souls (you punish them with your scythe) and absolving them (you use the light of some holy cross to "cleanse" them)? I even saw one where Dante (the game's main character) uses the latter on those "unbaptized infants" the game's protesters were railing about.

So with that said, I'm willing to give this game a chance. What's even better is that they're releasing it for the PSP! Wahoo!! XD

Secondly, I have to say: What is wrong if a majority of RPGs are rated T or M? :mad:

If you want a game for kids, buy one with Ben Ten or Dora the Explorer in it. Honestly, when I was a kid, I never played RPGs because my gaming style didn't involve anything beyond walking, jumping, beating bad guys, and collecting shinies (e.g. Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot). It was only till I got older that I realized games weren't limited to such a simple-minded approach and started appreciating RPGs (thank Final Fantasy VIII for that one XD).

I don't want my RPGs sugar-coated, I want 'em to entertain me in a manner fit for my age and nothing less thank you. :rolleyes: :cool:


My only beef with Guitar Hero: What Jharek said.
Honestly folks, buying an original PS2 game for my console was bank-breaking enough. T_T

What's their deal with pentagrams though? :ehh: I play Yu-Gi-Oh! on my PSP and I see them all the time. The only monsters I see are the ones I'm blasting on the screen (with 95% of them not even moving >_>;; ).

The Shin Megami games do involve demons, but they also involve fairies, Gods from other myths etc. etc. Basically they've just taken a load of influences and myths from every culture and glued them together. What would cause hackles to rise for some conservative Christians is that one of the games goes under the names, 'Lucifers Call', I can just imagine some people seeing that! I've played that one, basically you do end up working for Lucifer but you are not aware it's him till a long way into the plot of the game. Well you are not supposed to be, given how transparent the writing is an idiot would guess though. You have a choice near the end of that to either keep serving him or reject him. Quite honestly as Japan is not a majority Christian country they often apropriate Christian symbols without understanding the depth behind them. I'm sure some Japanese people could make the same claim about the way everything from comics to book borrow 'kewl' things like Samurai and Ninja.

The thing with the Dante's Inferno protestors was cooked up by the game's makers to attract attention. They actually admitted that later on themselves. I've not tried that game as it's not my cup of tea as RPGs are more my style and I rarely play purely action games. The pentagrams in Guitar Hero are there simply because anyone who has ever played heavy metal or hard rock or listened to a lot of it knows they are endemic in that genre. You get them on everything from clothes accesories to guitar picks. Yes, yes that means all us who are fans of metal are worshipping Satan and when we turn our records backwards the voices telling us to worship him prove it. Or more possibly people just use it because it's become another 'kewl' symbol over time.There's a lot of black comedy and tongue in cheek humor in the metal world. People know other people are thinking they are Satanic or pagans and often they are playing to that audience and attempting to get a rise out of them.

I have to say the old moral majority in America doesn't seem to do itself any favours at times with articles like these. Not that we don't get articles like that over here but they are not so prevalent and usually confined to some of our more alarmist newspapers. I'm suprised Grand Theft Auto wasn't on the list of games. However for all the violence and sex in that religion plays little to no part in the game world so they probably couldn't find anything to focus on.

My point exactly. People who bash JRPGs in the manner described in the OPs link are always so ignorant about that to the point that it’s kinda sad. >:\

Furthermore, I’ve seen other games that are positive and can even be interpreted as having Christian undertones. (Examples: Kingdom Hearts, Jeanne D’Arc, Atelier Iris 2 are some of the ones I had played)

Well I’m more in between myself. :o RPGs for the stories. Action games when I’m in a really bad mood and (in the words of Jack Sparrow) “want to shoot something”. XD

Tell me about it. What’s more embarrassing is that this looks like a Catholic source now. Usually it’s just the fundamentalists who go crazy over things like this. -.-;;

I’m just as surprised as you are with GTA though. I personally just loathe the game. If you’ve seen just how idiotically people play it over here, you’d think there was no story behind it. Then again, is there? :rolleyes:

(Btw, this is coming from someone who actually likes to indulge in video game violence. :wink: Just not the blatantly mindless variety as I’ve come to associate with GTA. :rolleyes:)

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