Sacristans here----a question?


I think I may have asked this before but here goes again. How often does your Church see about getting the Priest’s vestments cleaned. I’m not talking about the amice, alb, cinctures (those get cleaned by the lady who does the altar linens regularly)----but the Chasubles & stoles that the Priest regularly wears and also the Chalice Veils because they match the vestments.

We are JUST having the best white vestment & stole cleaned right now cause they need it. But I noticed the veils and some of the other vestments need cleaning and I mentioned it to one of the main Sacristan ladies. We can’t just take them all out and have them all done at one time because we have weekday Masses so we are thinking we will take them in “shifts” when we know a certain color won’t be used for a while and get that color cleaned and then keep doing that until they are all done. To my knowledge all of the MAIN Priest’s vestments have never been cleaned or the matching Chalice veils either. . I was just curious if most of you have a schedule for this or if it’s done when they need cleaning.


We don’t have a regular schedule. When I became head sacristan in 2012, no one could tell me the last time the vestments had been cleaned. My predecessor has advanced Alzheimers so I couldn’t ask her. Some of the stoles and chasubles were covered with wax drips, ash smudges and whatnot so I just started sending them out to be cleaned in stages so that (1) we would always have a sufficient quantity in-house for the Masses, and (2) the parish wouldn’t take a huge financial hit all at once. By mid-2013 I was 85% done and I was told by the finance committee to stop because it was costing the parish a fortune! No vestments have been sent out for cleaning since, and now that I’ve stepped down I have no idea when it will be done again.

I understand that the generally accepted norm is once a year, and I do know of parishes around here that adhere to that frequency.


Well the ladies who have been taking care of that for years say pretty much they have never been cleaned except on rare occasion when one was obviously desperately in need of cleaning. SO hopefully over time when this is done they will look very nice, all of them.


Unless the vestments are visibly dirty, delaying a trip to the dry cleaners should be okay. When in doubt, I asked the pastor and did whatever he said.


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