Sad But Also Nice


An older lady came up to me today - hour before mass -
I sit in the last row - she sits in the front row -
I’ve noticed she went from a cane, last year -
To a stand up walker with wheels this year -
So she slowly made her way to me - I got up - went to her
We kissed each other on the cheek -
She said today was going to be her last mass -
“ her car needs an insurance sticker “
No idea how she drives / uses handicap spot -
Anyways - it broke my heart -
I really liked seeing her - tough Irish type - friendly - etc
But on the other hand - felt honored - she informed me -
I didn’t see her telling others -
Even the Pastor, after mass,
went up to her, kissed her, but quickly moved on - didn’t tell him
She’s that cool -
4 ladies and one guy all sat in the front row -
And the Eucharist is brought to them…sigh…

Anyone have any similar stories -
I think of the Twilight Zone episode - Changing of the Guard.


Why not offer to drive her?


I immediately suggested two things to her.
She gave to me a hurtful expression -
that told me - not to pursue her decision further.
I should of said the EWTN mass on TV - to her
And also how Priest do bring the Eucharist- to their houses - etc
But ultimately - she just wanted to see me - kiss me -
and encourage me -
I did tell her, “ I love you “ - with a smile, just slipped out, natuarally.


Yes, Seagull, a sad but nice story, and I’m glad she shared that with you. Pray for her!

Yesterday evening I went to the vigil Mass with my son. I always sit kinda towards the front on one side and there are a couple of older people who usually tend to sit in the same area near-ish me. We wave and say hello. One man I’ve gotten to know a tiny bit; he’s very old and tiny and frail and wears an old too-big winter coat. His glasses are thick and his hearing aids sometimes squeak a bit but is always cheerful and says hello whenever we see each other and he holds out a gnarled hand for a kind of handshake. He’s always called my son Kevin for some reason and I’ve never corrected him because he’s so sweet and it doesn’t matter.

I love to arrive at church early and pray and meditate in the quiet. Tom arrived about 10 minutes after us yesterday afternoon and went to the pew that’s one or two rows ahead of us (as always) and waved and said his usual enthusiastic hello. He went to kneel down but stood up again and left the pew and I thought he might be going to the restroom before mass…but he left his pew and came into ours and (a bit loudly, as old folks sometimes do) said “I want to sit with my friends!”. I was so touched and humbled by this and I hope he’ll sit with us every time. His sister occasionally comes to church, but it’s only once or twice a year, and other than that, he’s always alone. I ask for your prayers for this sweet man and for Seagull’s friend!


I had an ex Australian actress at my church who used to say “not you again.” Every time she saw me, mostly. She was joking but kept a straight face. She was of the old school but died a few months ago. I miss her but she’s not the only one missing now.

At this moment our church guild leader is passing, kidney cancer and in a hospice. She’s raised thousands for the church, championed people’s wishes and been a friend to me ever since I joined the Church. She has around two weeks left they say.

A changing of the guard as you say Seagull. I and others will step forward to the front line in their place.


Could it be that she is moving somewhere else?


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