Sad news for Suri Cruise

I sometimes think I followed the story of Katie Holmes a bit too much lol. I just loved when she was on Dawson’s Creek and was a proud Catholic.

Everyone knows when she met Tom she looked into Scientology.

After the divorce Katie looked into a strict Catholic School in New York, but sadly (well I think it is sad) Suri will be going to a school called Avenues.

Honestly no one has seen Katie go to Mass, so I am assuming the she was brain washed and right now cannot go back to the Catholic Church. Honestly for the first time I don’t care anymore.

It is her life and her choices. I never idolized her- please don’t get me wrong on that. Please don’t judge me either. I just sort of pity her. They have so much money and such and I guess it changes people. Cults change people too.

I just thought people would like to be updated. Please don’t judge me. Thank you

yes, thats too bad.
lets hope they still find their way back, huh?:):):slight_smile:

Not that it’s really any of our business, but the Holmes household registered at their new Catholic parish weeks and weeks ago, almost as one of the first things Ms. Holmes did in NYC. Whether or not the paparazzi have gotten up early enough on Sunday morning to detect Massgoing by the two of them, there was clearly an intention. Heck, I never registered at my own parish until our diocese had a big registration thingummy, and I’d been going to Mass there every Sunday for years.

There are tons of reasons to pick a school. Security concerns and discretion, for example, or dealing with areas in which a child may have fallen behind others her age because of the way she was being raised in Scientology. Heck, Ms. Holmes may just have found the perfect teacher for her kid, and isn’t really concerned about the rest of the surrounding school. (This actually seems likely, since this “Avenues” school seems to have attempted to assemble a “dream team” of experienced teachers from other schools.)

The Catholic school that was mentioned previously in celebrity news apparently was “in the Catholic tradition,” mostly not a Catholic school anymore. An unabashedly secular school might be better, for all we know.

But mostly, I think we need to butt out of their lives and let the kid learn the three R’s, and let Ms. Holmes and her parents worry about the fourth R of religion for her. My parents would have deeply resented anyone backseat-driving their choices for us kids’ schooling, and I’m sure celebrity parents feel the same as anyone else in these matters.

In her defense, with all of the divorce stuff right now, it’s probably difficult to enter a Church and attend Mass. Between paparazzi and fans, I’m sure it’s a little stressful. Hopefully, we’ll see her start attending in time.

Or maybe she goes is disguise an no one knows it.

Honestly, who cares. Why do people care so much about these catholic celebrities. Besides so many of them are just cultural catholics anyways, even those that go to mass regularly. I bet 99% of celebrity catholics are pro choice liberals who could care less about the church

I think people care because we like to see the Catholic faith represented in society. I love seeing a movie made like The Way, for example.

And it’s not really very nice to make assumptions about 99% of these celebrity Catholics. You don’t know their hearts even remotely.

And then I guess th question stands as to why you would even bother or care why anyone cares.:shrug:

Touche, but I guess I just don’t like it when people say how Catholic guys like Stephen Colbert and Mark Wahlberg are such a big deal as catholics when Colbert is a typical liberal and Marky mark in spite of his daily mass attendance makes movies like ted. I know I shouldn’t judge, but when you say and do things publicly against the church, you shouldn’t be shown as an example of a famous catholic. Now I don’t know or care about Miss Holmes’ views, but if she married a scientologist and even before her joining of scientology was on a show like Dawson’s Creek, she isn’t exactly someone i’d look up to as a catholic.

Lastly, I know the 99% thing is probably wrong, and I don’t know their hearts, but thats like saying we don’t know Nancy Pelosi’s heart or Joe Bidens heart. I’m sure there all for the “i personally hate abortion, but support it” mumbo jumbo a lot of catholic politicians say. Anyway, it just seems like most famous people who claim their catholic more or less do it because its more about their identity that their faith and somehow just saying their catholic makes them okay.

Sorry if i sound uncharitable, but i don’t see why we need to look up to celebs who are catholic when they don’t really live out the faith. I know its hard to look at peoples hearts, but I have a feeling when people don’t really live out their faith, catholicism or christianity is much of a priority in their hearts

I’m not so sure it’s really a matter of “looking up to” these celebs. It’s just that everyone happens to know who many of these people are, and it’s simply a point of interest or entertainment.

Surely Ms. Holmes situation is not unlike many. Turning away from her faith at a young age in pursuit of something else. Coming home when she realizes her mistakes.

My guess, is for some people who struggle with their own issues, can see that even these air brushed beauties have problems too. Makes them more human. And really, how hard to have to deal with real life situations in the public eye.

Can you imagine your own faith path being publicized for all to read and scrutinize? Is that sort of privacy relinquished for being an actor or actress. IMO no. But for many, yes. Many feel entitled to this sort of information.

I would just wish her the best. She’s up for a hard, public battle. I’m sure she operates right now as a protective mother with much sadness in her life, and hopefully much hope.

You’re talking about someone who has been in the Hollywood crowd for a long time. Catholic schools are known to be good schools and some people consider them on the basis of academics rather than religion. Who knows what this woman believes she may not even know anymore herself after several years being married to an cult member.

As a culture we are obsessed with celebrity wealth and fame. Somewhere along the way we forgot it was about the song, not the singer; the movie, not the actor; the story not the writer; the team, not the player. You get thegist of the idea. It’s too bad. We had culture, then… we had pop-culture… now we have… pop… Don’t buy the celebrity magazines or watch the shows. It’s driven by supply and demand. If we reduce the demand the supply should follow which is also true of the rest of those parts of the secular society that we find distasteful.

“The better part of valor is discretion.” --Bill Shakespeare
(Wouldn’t that be nice for a change…)

Educate, Evagelize, Enlighten…

Tune In – to the Holy Spirit
Turn On – to Jesus Christ
DROP OUT – of the culture of death…***

I hope Katie and Suri have a great new life full of freedom and the stuff life is meant to be full of. Scientiology is a dangerous cult with a lot of influence on its victims.

And there’s only two Catholics who’s actions and beleifs you should have concern over.

You and the Pope.

Who says these people even want to be held as examples. I know if I were in ther shoes I would not want to be held as an example. The minute I did something wrong I would be flamed by the catholic community. And your right, it is not our place to judge other catholics. We’re all sinners. And all sins are the same in Gods eyes.
Their human beings and will make mistakes. They shouldn’t be flamed for that.

Like when the Shepard went to find his one lost sheep … I’m sure God is happy at her return. We should also be happy as she makes up one of the many who join in mass to make the body of Christ. Peace be with/u’r spirit.

A ninja Catholic? :smiley:

it’s happened before… Perhaps she’s been to Confession? Would be a good story for a Priest to tell his friends… If not for that pesky pledge never to reveal things from the confession!


Avenues is supposed to be a very, very good school…I know several kids who go there.
But just because Suri isn’t going to a religion-oriented school, doesn’t mean she and her mother can’t go to a place of worship on Sunday if they choose.

((Also…re her immediately signing up at church and Catholic school right after her sudden separation…there’s always the chance that she did that more as a public “it’s over” statement to Tom…)).

If that’s the case, then it’s another victory of ninja Catholicism over the mainstream media. :wink:

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