Sad Shape of Our Society

NOVEMBER 18--An Arkansas cop tasered an unruly 10-year-old girl after her mother called police to report that the child was crying, screaming, and refusing to go to bed.

Man if I would have done that when I was ten I would have had my backside warmed and sent to bed..And I wasn't psychologically damaged the next day..My parents saved the taxpayers money and let the police do their job..I only wonder if she would have called and what they would have said..It would have been 1960.

Well, heck a cop acting like a dad! I use physical punishment as a last resort in our house but darn if this girl was this out of control it makes me wonder just how long she had been ruling the roost?

Kick a cop, are you kidding me? that girls butt would be bright red when I was done with her ( of course there would be no lasting mark and my hand would be open, placed on her buttocks) but it would be red there would be no reason for a tasering.

We used a wooden spoon…Sometimes just the picking up up was just enough…Kids turned out fine…My oldest is a kindergarten teacher and has been so frustrated on having to teach basic skills and some sort of respect the kids should be learning at home apart from the “normal” curriculum. Other daughter is a research assistant and son grad as a civil engineer. All normal and respectful now. :slight_smile:

If I ever saw a cop do that to a child, he’d be a dead man.

[quote="TedDC, post:4, topic:176985"]
If I ever saw a cop do that to a child, he'd be a dead man.


I think the mother that called him needs the help...She could have told him not to..

Yes, but the cop shouldn’t have been taking instructions from her.

Bradshaw added that, "Her mother told me to tase her if I needed to."

Are you kidding me? :mad:

Another broken family; another disaster. Taser the parents. Twice.

This way beyond all common sense. Ineffective parents expect law enforcement to discipline their kids, and an adult treats a ten year old having a temper tantrum like a robbery suspect, and shoots her with a taser. The only normal one is the kid.

I'm curious to know if this girl was started on any medications recently. When our son started on Kepra his temper intensified for about 3 weeks. After that he was perfectly normal. From what we where told this is normal for this particular drug and that we should expect it.

Of course NO parent should be afraid to touch their own child. It sounds like this mother is afraid of her dd and that is a bad situation. :( Either way it was wrong of the mother to call the cops and it was wrong for the cop to taser this child.

Man.. If that was me I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week. I use to hate the jug cord. And if we tried that at school we would have got a canning....literally. Up until the late 80's you could get six of the best from a teacher. Some teachers were feared. They would leave welts across your palm the size of a finger. And if you looked like it wasn't hurting they flip the cane up and hit your finger nails. accidently of course. And if i gave a cop a mouth full of cheek. I would get a boot up the arse or a smack up the ears. Yup things have changed. Just have to look at how many mothers suffer in supermarkets when a kid tries to throw a tantrum. Most of them sit there pleading with the child to stop. When all it took me was to give my kid a kick up the back side. And i didn't care if there some new age wonder parents giving me a bad look. Because they were way out numbered By the parents giving me the "i understand, i do the same thing look"

We’ll. Spare the rod, spoil the child…Got lost along the way

It is probably bad parenting, although I hardly think it should get to the point that physical punishment is necessary as some people say. Spanking a 3 year old - okay, but it’s kind of weird on a 10 year old. My parents certainly never had to beat me into behaving - either the parents are pathetically ineffective, or maybe the girl has some sort of mental illness that leaves her pretty out of control. It certainly seems like there’s a bigger issue here - most kids are not that bratty and are pretty scared of cops.

When I was in elementary, public school, our teachers still gave you birthday spankings.

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