This is disgusting. If people really knew the mental, emotional, and physical damage the pill causes, they would know there is a lot more to worry about than just “getting him between the covers”. This world, media, and presidential administration is sickening.

Actively promoting promiscuity…good grief! What do they expect will come of it?


Because it’s part of the left-wing agenda that gets American democrats elected, the truth on this will largely remain hidden if not altogether suppressed.

Just like abortion----who knew that slicing/vacuuming a living being inside of your body with cold, sterile “medical” utensils resulting in murder in 99% of cases would actually cause side effects for the mother? :(:frowning: I mean, it’s not like this magical process that makes the “problem” (ie the baby) go away and all else is back to normal???

Gee, what a shock, huh?:rolleyes:

Don’t worry, though. We’ve all got to make sacrifices for the great First World progressive utopia----even if it is imploding on itself. :rolleyes:

I guess I will just keep clinging to my guns and religion…they are the only things that will save us.

More voters in the democrat base…

They have gotten the people to provide their own circuses.

So sad…

this group published a ton of these terrible ads. it’s terrible


Such evil…how disgusting…it’s hard to believe things could sink so low…

Doing the opposite of what a progressive tells you is a great survival technique! :thumbsup:


They should fire their advertising company. Everyone knows it is not difficult to get men in bed. Isn’t it kinda the other way around?

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