I am asking for help to defend the Eucharist and no one responds. But if someone posts about divorce and annulments, responses come right away.


Sorry to hear about that. I would suggest Scott Hahn’s “Rome Sweet Rome” book. He gives a good account on why he began to believe in transubstantiation. Basically says that the Jews would not be outraged by Jesus’ actions if they were merely symbollic. Good Luck!


Thats “Rome sweet Home”


Err. I grew up loving the Yanks. But thank you for the note. It is so difficult when the one you love is anti-catholic by birth and has no reason why she is


Correct you are! :smiley:


Man your in a bigger pickle than I thought. I mean dealing with the fact that your a Yanks fan must be brutal! :stuck_out_tongue: OK enough of that. As for your signifcant other, I always advised leading by example. People become drawn to that. Espeacially if they are in love with you. Praying for you!


I bet they would if they Jesus was saying that the bread and wine in a religious ceremony that had been occurring for hundreds of years stood for something other than had always been taught

When Jesus said “This is my body” over the bread, he was blessing the passover bread, as had been done for centuries. Traditionally, it ended with the person conducting the seder saying:

“asher kidishanu b’mitzvotov v’tzivanu l’echol et hazevach,” or, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to eat the Paschal sacrifice.

By calling the passover sacrifice his body, he was sure to rile some Pharisees

When Jesus said “This is my blood,” over the last cup of wine for the meal, he was giving the “birkat ha-mazon,” or “Grace over the Meal,” another traditional blessing for the passover

How would you like it if someone started messing with YOUR religious ritual?


Man what a great question! Ask Jesus perhaps he’ll tell you!


Nice quip, but argumentatively a useless statement


Give it a try. Open your heart up Jesus and see what he tells you! I’m praying for you also Afterburned.


I’m sorry, It’s difficult to be everywhere at once. However, I do just happen to have a handy source to help you with your problem. [FONT=Palatino Linotype][size=4]The Eucharist IS Scriptural[/size][/FONT]


Thank You!


not exactly sure what you are looking for, all your previous posts have several great responses and some good links. have you browsed the CA homepage for specific help with apologetics defense of issues you are looking at? it is a great starting place because it gets you organized and focused.

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