Saddam Hussein had a secret torture chamber in NYC


The Mission of Iraq, which sits on a wealthy Upper East Side block near Central Park, has a dark secret: it’s basement was used as a jail equipped for torture under Saddam Hussein’s regime, The Post has learned.
When he rose to power in 1979, the despot had the terrifying “detention room” installed inside the five-story building at 14 East 79th Street — right across from billionaire former mayor Michael Bloomberg’s home, according to two Iraqi officials speaking on the condition of anonymity.


I guess anything is possible. The location is just about a block or two away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. :eek:

I think Jackie Kennedy lived around there as well.

Very scary.


She did; right around the corner at 1040 Fifth Avenue.

This is scary. While I am absolutely not wealthy, this was pretty much my neighborhood. I lived a couple blocks away.


I never lived there, but I went to high school right there. It was a great neighborhood to go to school in – right next door to the Met, and Central Park, and lots of other good stuff.

Little did I know. . .


How awful!


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