Sadiq Khan 'wins' over Zac Goldsmith in London mayoral race as Tories attack their own 'appalling campaign'


**Sadiq Khan ‘wins’ over Zac Goldsmith in London mayoral race as Tories attack their own ‘appalling campaign’

With the votes still being counted, London is expected to have elected its first Muslim mayor, with Sadiq Khan delivering a resounding victory for Labour, ending eight years of Conservative rule at City Hall. **

The official announcement was delayed on Friday evening due to “a small discrepancy” in the vote counting, leaving Mr Khan leading his Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith 44 per cent to 35 per cent after the counting of the first round votes.

Mr Khan capped an assured campaign with a convincing triumph, while Goldsmith faced a growing backlash over a campaign which critics described as “divisive” and dependent on “dog whistle” politics…

As the outcome of the race became clear, senior Conservatives joined the backlash against the Goldsmith campaign.

**Recriminations even extended even to Mr Goldsmith’s own family, with sister Jemima, a journalist and campaigner, tweeting that she was “sad” her brother’s campaign “did not reflect who I know him to be – an eco-friendly, independent minded politician with integrity”.
Former minister and Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy said voters had reacted against a campaign that he called “divisive” and “laden with smear”.

“Right across London, black, white and brown have gone out and voted for unity,” he told The Independent. “This is the first time an ethnic minority politician has been given a mandate from millions of people,” he added.**

"It’s an extraordinary moment, one we can all delight in whatever our political party… Right across the world they will be talking about this election result. It’s a global moment.”

**New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted his congratulations to Mr Khan, calling him a “fellow affordable housing advocate” and said he was looking forward to working with his new counterpart.

The win represents a major boost for Labour, which had suffered the humiliation of slipping to third place in Scotland, once a stronghold for the party. **

But Mr Khan, a former human rights lawyer, has distanced himself from Corbyn throughout his campaign, particularly over the party leadership’s handling of allegations of antisemitism within Labour ranks.


As a New Yorker forced to suffer under the ultra left wing “leadership” of Bill DeBlasio, I find the following quite troubling -

New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted his congratulations to Mr Khan, calling him a “fellow affordable housing advocate” and said he was looking forward to working with his new counterpart.

Good luck!:rolleyes:


I strongly support Mr Khan in that aim. I would also support the reintroduction of social housing on a wider scale in Britain.


JC, I hope things go well for Mayor Khan. We need loads more affordable quality housing all over the UK. Unfortunately we’re still suffering from policies implemented by Thatcher and carried on by Blair that forced local authorities to sell off the best of their housing stock. But maybe not the best forum to promote ‘lefty’ ideas. LOL


Well, again, good luck.

Maybe London will become the first socialist city in history that actually works and functions.


Several socialist citiies have functioned fine in history. I’d certainly like to see a London based less on naked greed and ‘looking cool’. Sadiq Khan is not in any case looking to have a socialist city he is looking merely to have somewhat more fair policies in place that allow affordable housing and provide access to training and education for all the citizens of the city. I am sure he will make mistakes, but its a laudable aim and Khan comes from a background much like my own so I can appreciate his point of view.


I was thinking the same thing although I’m not from New York. Bill Deblassio seems to be the embarrassment that keeps on giving.


Pushing for affordable housing for local people is shameful?


NYC never functioned under Democratic leadership, all of whom had laudable ideas, but never worked in reality.

I’ve lived here all my life, and the only time it functioned well was under the leadership of Mayors Guiliani and Bloomberg, both of whom lived by the “tough love” theory. They took the freebies away, and made people go to work, and by and large, people went to work, and NYC has prospered since. With work, came less crime, less homelessness and less drugs and our way of life improved dramatically.

We are sliding backwards again under DeBlasio and his socialist mentality and it’s beginning to look more like the Koch/Dinkins/Beame eras, when it really was like living in “Escape From New York”.

New Yorkers, even the liberals, now regret voting for DeBlasio…


Sadiq is a moderate social democrat and has a good reputation for being ‘pro-business’. He is anything but a socialist. A little left of centre, sure but that isn’t a bad thing at all IMHO. He was a partner at a city law firm before becoming an MP.


He voted for same-sex marriage.

He has called moderate Muslims “uncle toms” which he has apologised for.


Would an extremist Muslim vote for same-sex marriage?

He was threatened with a fatwa, I believe, for making that decision.


It’s quite different in London, I don’t think that the London Mayor has nearly the same powers as the New York one, as his powers are limited to strategic housing, planning and transport. Education and Social services are managed by more local borough councils who work through a national framework.

We have had Labour mayors and labour administrations before and the city has continued to prosper, although affordable housing continues to be a problem and is something all parties are aware needs attention.

Hope this context is helpful!


I’m not claiming he is an extremist. I think the juxtaposition of the “uncle toms” comment and the vote, odd. Although he did vote for same-sex marriage four years after the “uncle toms” comment and he has apologised for that comment.




I just read he had his swearing in ceremony at Southwark Cathedral.


As John Cleese and Morrissey put it (two guys with impeccable liberal credentials) “London doesn’t even seem English anymore”.


Neither are from London originally and Morrissey is himself the son of immigrants. He also enjoys winding up journalists in a very tongue in cheek style that they don’t always get. I remember when he was doing that with the Smiths and saying ‘reggae is vile’ just to get on the nerves of ‘right on’’ types in the British music press. They particularly went potty as I recall when he call black music ‘vile’. London has long been a city of various ethnic groups who come and go in various areas.


It is the most globalised city in the world, probably, as well as an international centre of finance. Over 80% of the cases adjudicated in the London Commercial Court involve foreign parties - who often prefer to use English law because of its trustworthiness i.e. strong rule of law, fairness, reliability.

So it is ‘English/British’ but ‘outward’, global-looking ‘English/British’ - not inward ‘Little England’.

As the centre of the old British Empire, it has always been a global city - a bit like Rome back in the classical period.


And John Cleese was referring to the rich Russians who have bought up the beautiful houses around Kings Road. I can say as a Native Italian that London feels British and welcoming. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

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