Safe return of missing child


Please pray for the safe return of little Madeleine and for her family. They are Catholic.

Thank you.


Praying… :gopray2:



Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee, Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


:frowning: O’ dear. Are there any solid leads?:frowning:


Thank you all for your prayers. If there are any leads they are not saying anything about them as apparently Portugese law doesn’t permit it.

The parents come from the hometown of the Sisters in charge of my formation. The Sisters are praying hard.

Please continue to pray, thank you.


So sad. :frowning: Could she have wandered off? Is it common for children to be left alone in your country? I know the article said the parents were “checking” on the children (ages 3, 2 & 2) but maybe the child woke up and went to look for her parents?

I am not blaming them - I am certain they are heartbroken. They have my prayers.


It was first thought that she had wandered off but now they think she has been taken.

It is against the law to leave a child alone in my country. I know that in some hotel complexes that children can be left but I am not sure if it is under some sort of supervision provided by the hotel. Personally I would not leave a child especially one so young, but the parents did and I am not blaming them. It is tragic.

The parents have been heavily critcised for leaving the children sleeping in the hotel alone. The two younger children were still there when they came back from the restaurant but the older one Madeleine had gone.

There is such a lack of detail that it is hard to know what exactly happened. Was the hotel room locked? Did someone break in and take her? Were they downstairs in the hotel restaurant? (that is only like leaving a child sleeping upstairs in a home)We have no information on any of that. All we know is that little Madeleine is missing and it is thought that she was taken and did not just wander off.

Portugese law is very strict on giving out any details whilst they are investigating a crime/ situation. So we cannot presume anything and the parents need great support and prayers.

The parents anguish and agony must be unbearable.

Thank you for your prayers.


Praying, hard.
No use to speculate over the ‘what ifs’. What is most important is the safe return of the little one.


:slight_smile: I agree and thank you for your prayers.


I totally agree. If the parents made a mistake by leaving the child alone - so be it. Raise your hand if you’re a parent who has never made a mistake?!

I wasn’t wanting to put the blame on the poor anguished parents - I was just wondering if perhaps the culture was different where they were from and it was more common (low crime rate? whatever) to leave a child alseep unattended. I know when I was very young, my parents would leave me asleep in my crib to work the farm - it was no big deal. Different world I suppose.


Praying for her safe and speedy return.

Perhaps she woke up and being unfamiliar with the layout of the hotel room instead of being at home, wandered out for water or milk or whatever.

Please let someone find her, recognize the gift she is to her parents and family, and return her safely unharmed. Let no evil come her way and may her guardian angel guide her home.


Thank you for your prayers.:slight_smile:


If you wish to discuss the situation, please start a thread in the appropriate News forum.

This forum is for offering prayers.

Thank you for your help in this matter!




Please pray earnestly for a little girl called Madeliene who has been missing for one week now and is thought to have been abducted in Portugal.

Please pray for the little girls British parents Kate and Gerry McCann and their other children.The folowing link has the full details.

It’s really painfull to think that people can be so cruel as to harm a defenceless child.

Please pray that she is found safe and well and that whoever has her will reunite her with her parents.Dear God in Heaven hear our prayers.


Thank you for posting this. I have been praying for her since I heard her story on the news. It’s unthinkably sad :frowning:


Thankyou Sam.

As a Father of one daughter now 19 it’s just too painfull to think this through.It just cuts you to the bone.Please pray for her everyone. Please pray that God will direct His Angels and that she is found safe and well please God.


Grace and Peace,

They are in my prayers.

Peace and God Bless.


Praying earnestly here for her safe return.


Is there any more news?

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