Safe to go to mass?

This is the weather warning in my area due to storm Ciara approaching. It’s likely to just be heavy winds and strong rain tomorrow but won’t be in a car. Safe to go to mass?

Stay home and be safe. Say a prayer for police, doctors and emergency workers.


You must ask yourself if you wold miss a friends wedding due to the weather under same circumstances. If you still decide not to go, Mass is shown on TV usually on a local TV station and several times a day on the station EWTN. If you can’t find any of that, make sure that you are able to pray on the readings. God bless!


I’m old and near the end of life. I would go even if it was not safe. Can you imagine appearing before the Lord and saying, “That’s strange, Heavenly Father, a moment ago I was braving a terrible storm so that I could attend the holy sacrifice of the Mass!”

Use prudence. You could ask a neighbor, friend or fellow parishioner for a ride.

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I can’t, it’s the uk and I don’t have catholic neighbours and friends. I literally know my neighbours to say hello to and that’s it. I’ll almost certainly go on the bus but really not looking forward to it :confused: harder to do these things when pregnant too you feel so much more vulnerable. Pray for me please !

Every time we have an ice storm it seems like the people who show up either have studded tires or else they use a walker with the tennis balls on it to get from their car into the church.

If a police officer or your pastor would have serious concern for your safety if they saw you out and about, stay home!! Why make yourself a burden to others because you can’t admit you can’t travel safely? (If it is merely inconvenient but not dangerous for you or others, that’s different.)

I doubt my husband would see it like that and I want to meet and raise my baby first. But yeah I need to trust God to get me there safely.

A hubby? Well now, where are your powers of persuasion? :grinning:

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Oh he’s not Catholic and he works nights so won’t be up at that time.

The worst that can happen is you fall and crack your head on the sidewalk or get in a bad wreck and someone winds up waiting on you hand and foot for a decade because you had to be stubborn.
Suffering life sends you is one thing. Suffering you went out and asked for is another matter.


Well from a Catholic husband, night shift worker who stayed up 26 hours once per week to care for my kids, tell 'im he’s a slacker!

Since these are not weekly storms, I think old grumpy could roll out of bed for one hour…

He just said ‘that’s twice this week I’ve been called a slacker ‘ and smiled at me. He does come with me sometimes

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You know what? I would remain in bed all day for fear of what might happen - except I then fear being struck by a meteorite if I do not get out of bed.

Kindly note that I already advised to use prudence. That not enough or sumpin’?

Slacker X2? Food for thought!
“See you if the storm doesn’t get me”
Let that work on him.

Oh, definitely stay home!


He’s not really - just british humour :slight_smile: if I said what you suggest he’d just joke back.

This is very poor advice to be giving the OP.


I said “I” and advised her to…

use prudence.

I’d best use all caps next time.

Prudential judgement.


Are you in England? I went for a run a few hours go and it was very windy, I can hear the wind out there now it is getting stronger.

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