'Safest' seat remarks gets Muslim family kicked off plane

A Muslim family removed from an airliner Thursday after passengers became concerned about their conversation say AirTran officials refused to rebook them, even after FBI investigators cleared them of wrongdoing.

Atif Irfan said federal authorities removed eight members of his extended family and a friend after passengers heard them discussing the safest place to sit and misconstrued the nature of the conversation.

Irfan, a U.S. citizen and tax attorney, said he was “impressed with the professionalism” of the FBI agents who questioned him, but said he felt mistreated when the airline refused to book the family for a later flight.

AirTran Airways late Thursday said they acted properly and that the family was offered full refunds and can fly with AirTran again.


Amazing. I wonder what was in the mind of AirTran employees that they would refuse to board the family after the FBI cleared them?

Now, this is profiling. Does anyone think that stupid people took down the World Trade Center? Those 9/11 terrorists and the ‘shoe bomber’ did not appear to be either Muslims or terrorists when they boarded the plane.

Neither did the pregnant Irish woman trying to get on the El-Al flight, unknwlingly with a bomb in her luggage.

I’ve flown AirTran and have only good things to report.
They are very very generous with offering free tickets
to people. If a person allows a couple days to travel
and has a personally flexible schedule, it is possible
to fly with them for years without ever paying a single
dime. All a person has to do is give up their seat.
You get put on the next flight anyway. Sometimes
you get put into a hotel for free and then get the
flight in the next day’s morning.

Personally I’m glad that they took the group off the plane.
In today’s day, people should know better than even
mention the word disaster. AirTran had every right
to shield the other majority of passengers from this

Besides, I’m sure the plane wasn’t just sitting
there, waiting around while the FBI did their time consuming questioning. The group received another flight and probably were
told not to frighten people again. Good.

The airline could take a person off if he joked about terrorism, not if he made a statement about safety in a crash. I think the airline handled this badly in not putting the passengers on a subsequent flight.

It depends. I fly a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of the interchanges at the airport. If the family after being questioned by the FBI were belligerent with the employees, then the employees probably would not book them on a later flight.

It pays to behave oneself, try to follow all the rules, and keep your mouth shut because the alternatives are ghastly. If you’ve ever suffered on tour buses/coaches or trains, you’d know that flying is the least troublesome AND takes the least amount of time for travel.
At least on an airplane, a traveler doesn’t have to watch (and smell) a fellow passenger throw dirty disposable diapers under their seat.

Plus the “father” was worse than a terrorist. He’s a tax attorney! :smiley:

EVERYONE is hurt by terrorism-even this family.

"AirTran Airways has issued a public apology and provided free return airfare to nine Muslim passengers who were forced off an AirTran flight to Orlando at Reagan National Airport yesterday after two other passengers overheard what they construed as threatening remarks. "



There wasn’t any quotes from anyone as to what was heard. The only quotes are from the people removed from the plane. One person’s word against another. We don’t know what silly, or poor jokes someone made - that were overheard - and later not admitted to. We don’t know how foolish the eavesdroppers were. We really can’t have any idea what really happened.:shrug:

Would it have been better for the girls to ignore what they heard, and just assume everything was okay?

And don’t forget that the terrorists did trial runs to see what they could get by with at the airports.

That doesn’t mean he’s evil. It just means that after I become king, he’s going to have to get a real job. :smiley:


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