SAHM's, this is funny


I love this haha. There are times when DH or someone asks what I did all day and although it feels like I was busy nonstop all day, I can only find a few things to tell them…


What do SAHM’s do all day? They are Moms to their kids! And that is more time consuming than answering to any boss.


Someone had posted a picture of that article on facebook a few weeks ago and I'd searched for it everywhere! Thanks for sharing the link!


haha this is great. I facebook posted it for many mommies to enjoy:)


Wow - that’s great. I actually have some friends like that unfortunately… (not unfortunate that they’re my friends - just unfortunate they think that way).

It’s just impossible for anyone without kids to understand…


LOL, I'm the wife of a SAHD, and I totally get this. I feel much the same when I get home as I did when I was a SAHM (because DH is using the time to do all the things he didn't do during the day while it was his turn to enjoy the kids). I usually have to multi-task heavily in the evening since I do all of the family paperwork, so when DH sits down, he'll often find an armful of baby thrown at him so that I can quickly write the bills before she gets hungry again :)

I think "45 minutes to do a 15 minute chore" is a little inaccurate, though . . . IME, it's more like an hour :p We're lucky my job is flexible enough to let me take over the kids or run errands, so DH doesn't have to try and do it with the li'l ones.


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