Sainsbury's removes kosher food from shelves amid fears over protesters

From the Guardian:

A Sainsbury’s branch removed kosher food from its shelves over fears that anti-Israeli protesters would attack it.

The branch manager of the store in Holborn, central London ordered the section to be emptied on Saturday afternoon, while protesters outside picketed it calling for a boycott of Israeli goods. The move prompted outrage after a photo of the empty shelves was posted on social media.

Colin Appleby, who took the photo, said the kosher section contained food made in the UK and Poland. He added that a staff member defended the decision, saying: “We support Free Gaza.”

Of course, the vast majority of Kosher products don’t come from Israel, but, hey, what do facts matter?

Wonder if they also remove all products labeled “Halal”. I doubt it.

They came for the Jews so I removed Kosher food from the shelves.

That’s the way it starts…
The removal of products was not a “free Gaza” action, and not anti-Israel. It was hatred of Jews, pure and simple.

I suspect it was the fear of Muslims.

There are some wonderful organisations supporting Israel on the various Christian
channels. One example is ’ Joseph’s Storehouse ’ and Vision for Israel . There
are many impoverished people in Israel including holocaust survivors. Joseph’s
Storehouse is a charity which helps some of the very poor people there. :cool:

The mob - loot - burn - behead - stone - rape - pillage acts happening wherever MUST be stopped by every decent human being. It is obvious that selfish and cowardly people are persuading others to act the same. Therefore, Sainsbury"s needs to be shamed and boycotted for their selfish and cowardly act. Get it together people!:sad_yes:

Good point!

The free Gaza comment was made by a store worker and not the company. Sainsbury’s is a very large company in the UK and would be most unlikely to make such a comment as the owner is a conservative politican of some note and has backed Israel in political debates in times past. Many of Sainsbury’s lower echelon workers who stock the shelves etc are Muslim it should be noted and the worker may be projecting what he would like it to be on to the situation.

You should note that Tescos which is the main rival to Sainsbury’s was founded by a Jewish gentleman about 200 yards from my door step and they have done the same thing in some of their stores.

I can’t know their motives for sure, but I suspect cowardice rather than hatred on the part of the store. We all have a lot to legitimately fear from people who claim to want only “tolerance”. Tolerance is nice, but it ranks behind love, truth, justice, and fortitude.

The irony of your comment Grotto is that quite a lot of Sainsbury’s staff are Muslim and I have yet to see them beheading people in the cereal or dry goods aisles. Could be I haven’t been looking hard enough as I like to look at weird odd products when shopping and am known for driving people up the wall looking at them whilst they try to buy household staples.

So now where are the Jewish people of your area supposed to purchase their kosher goods? I hope there are some local Jewish kosher businesses that can benefit from the increased patronage. Otherwise this seems like a way push the Jews out of the area. :shrug:

They would go to Stamford Hill which in London is one of the main areas where Jewish people live, that’s a mile or two away from me. Not too many Jews live in my own area, excepting a few Russian Jewish friends of my wife and most of those are for practical purposes nominally Jewish and don’t care too much about their faith beyond deploring violence in the name of faith generally. No one is pushing anyone out of anywhere, this area of London has not been heavily Jewish for many years now - once upon a time it was, but it has seen waves of migrants come and go. The Jewish community in Stamford Hill is mostly Hassidic and keeps very much to itself although there are plenty of Jewish businesses there patronised by Jews and non-Jews.

Irony and the employees of the mentioned Sainsbury’s establishment have nothing to do with the action of removing preferred Jewish food from sale. If fear of Muslim employees by customers is what you are suggesting then you have it wrong. I am stating the obvious that fear of Islamic terrorism is causing the selfish loss of profit to motivate the removal of preferred Jewish food from the shelves. What is it that it appears your posts are trying to sell?

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