Saint Anthony Mary: For People with Scruples

Saint Anthony Mary seemed to suffer from scruples, if I’m reading his autobiography correctly. I think it’s wonderful that God gave scrupulous souls a saint they can relate to!

While Jesus was sinless, He bore all our sins on His shoulders. He believed that He had committed every sin in the world. So He can symphasize with the scrupulous souls. In fact, scruples are a share in His suffering; they are a cross which the soul must bear patiently, and which the soul can offer up to Jesus for whatever intentions are in his heart.

Getting back to Anthony Mary, you can read his autobiography here. A soul can entrust himself to Saint Anthony’s care, if he so wishes. The saints have a tender love for us.

Thank you for this information.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this! St. Anthony Mary pray for us.

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