Saint avatars in video games

I play games like Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 online where your screen name can have a tiny avatar next to it. Would it be inappropriate to pick a picture of a saint for this? On one hand, you’re bringing Christianity into public media where it has little exposure; though I’m concerned that people wouldn’t take it seriously, or that it would distract them from the game at hand.

As a fellow L4D player, I say do it! :smiley:

By all means it sounds like a splendid idea. If it distracts them from the game it will be distracting them to think about the saint, and thus God, which cannot be a bad thing.

sounds like a good idea! there is no wrong place to share your faith with the world.

And if it distracts your enemies, all the better to get your frag up :wink:

Please, the only way it’s gonna distract them is if they’re blatantly anti-religious jerks. :rolleyes: If a ton of gamers I’ve met can get away with using pentagrams, anarchy symbols, and gangsta images then you can get away with a complete opposite. It’s a free world (in-game and offline :cool:).

Who are you going to post up as the patron saint of zombie slaying?

St. Michael of course! :wink:

Why would you post an avatar of a Saint in a game which promote war, death, & gore. Especially with a title like Left 4 Dead:shrug:? I think you shouldn’t to it.
His Princess

Answer: Cuz it’s a game. Nuff said. :cool:

That’s good. While I was reading the thread I was thinking “I hope that guy picks an appropriately action-oriented saint because it would be really weird to go around killing zombies with a St. Francis avatar.” :smiley: Michael fits much better.

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